3 fun couple's workouts to try this valentine's day

3 fun couple's workouts to try this valentine's day

Couple workouts are a fun way to spice up your gym routine, spend time together, and keep each other accountable to fitness goals. Not in a relationship? Couple workouts aren’t just for couples, pair up with a friend or family member to burn some calories and have some fun while working out!

Below I’ve listed my top 3 ideas for partnering up and completing a fun couple workout this Valentine’s day. Let’s share the love of health and fitness this year and get active!

1. Partner Workout

Invigorate your usual workout routine with some partner exercises! Each of these exercises are designed to engage both partners, and they may challenge you in ways your regular workout doesn’t. Build trust with your partner as you have to rely on them for support and assistance through each exercise. Complete 3 sets of all 6 exercises below for a complete couple’s workout.

Kettlebell Pass
Stand back to back with your partner to complete this couples exercise. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent to maintain your balance. Hold a kettlebell at chest level, and rotate at your torso, engaging your obliques, as your partner twists the opposite direction to meet you at your side and retrieve the kettlebell. They will rotate 180 degrees, as you rotate the opposite direction to retrieve the kettlebell on the other side. Complete 15 kettlebell passes on each side for an engaging core and oblique exercise.

a woman and a man passing kettlebell

Kettlebell High/Low

Stand back to back with your partner with 1 to 2 feet between you - enough space for both of you to squat down back to back without hitting one another. Similar to the kettlebell pass, each person will rotate 180 degrees in front of their body with the kettlebell, however rather than staying at chest level throughout the movement, you will be transitioning from high to low, or low to high. Complete 15 kettlebell passes on each side.

a woman and a man passing kettlebell from high to low

Kettlebell Sit Ups

To perform this exercise, both you and your partner can lay on the ground, with knees slightly bent, and toes touching. You should be looking at each other face to face when you sit up. Perform sit ups, passing a kettlebell between the two of you with each and every rep. Complete 15 sit up each. 

a woman and a man sitting up and passing kettlebell

 Wheelbarrow Squat/Pushup

This complex movement combines pushups and squats for an engaging compound workout for both people involved. To perform this couple exercise, one partner will perform pushups while the other partner supports their ankles in a wheelbarrow position, squatting down in synchronization with the pushups. This exercise is complex and will involve coordination of both partners. Practice this exercise on a soft surface to ensure safety, and don’t forget to switch positions so you can both get a chance at both movements. Complete 10 reps in each position (or as many as you can).

a woman and a man squatting and pushing up

Reach & Touch Plank

To set up for this fun couple exercise, get into a plank position facing your partner. You should be slightly further than arm’s length apart. Both partners get into a strong plank position with a neutral spine, tight and engaged core. Once you’re in a good position and ready to start, both partners reach forward with their right arm and touch in the middle, come back down to starting position and repeat on the left side. Complete 10 reps on each side.

a woman and a man doing reach plank

Side Plank Rotation

The final couple exercise in this workout is a side plank rotation. Get into a side plank, back to back with your partner, just a few inches apart. Keep your free arm extended as you’ll be using it throughout your rotation. Alternate rotating to clap hands with your partner above your bodies, and below. Coordinate your timing with your partner to get those high fives just right. Complete 10 reps on each side.

a woman and a man doing side plank rotation

2. SF-S0855 Tandem Stepper Step Machine

Looking for a workout or just some fun? Achieve both when you use the SF-S0855 Tandem Stepper Step Machine! This fun stepper is great for partners, friends, or significant others who are looking to spend some quality time up close and personal.  Achieve an intimate workout with face-to-face interaction for the entirety of your workout. Whether you enjoy close proximity to your partner or it’s just plain awkward this machine is sure to create an unforgettable couple workout experience.

3. Couples Workout Challenge

Battle of the fittest! Challenge your partner to a couple’s workout challenge. Challenges are a great way to get fit while creating a little healthy competition with a significant other or friend. See who can hold the longest wall sit or plank. Or see who can complete the most pushups, sit ups, or who can row, run, or cycle the furthest distance in a set amount of time. If you want to take your challenge to the next level, create a series of mini challenges to determine who is the most fit overall between the two of you!

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