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Sunny Health & Fitness Twist-In Stepper with Handlebar

  • Twist-IN action helps tone thighs and buttocks while achieving a cardiovascular workout
  • Work deep muscles in hard-to-reach places without putting stress on joints
  • Handle bar to help stabilize and minimize rotation in the hips
  • Oversized, slip resistance foot plates secures footing while in use
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Keep in step with the SF-S0637 Twist IN Stepper with Handlebar. Stepper uses a ‘step in’ motion which creates a larger hip rotation. This hip rotation allows for more muscle activations in the quadriceps and glutes, thus burning more calories. The convenient handlebar can assist with balance and be used to increase the step rate. During the ‘Twist IN’ motion the core is more engaged and is used to stabilize body. The Twist IN Stepper has oversized non slip foot plates and sturdy steel construction to give the confidence to workout hard. LCD digital monitor keeps track of strides per minute, time, step and calories with the easy to read built in. Keep you fitness focus and reach your goals with Sunny Health and Fitness SF-S0637 Twist IN Stepper with handlebar.



Twist – IN – Stepper with Handle Bar

Strengthen and flatten your core with the added bonus of the unique inward stepping motion

The "step in" motion provides more lateral movements and creates a larger hip rotation.


Twist – IN – Stepper with Handle Bar will help to burn up to 500 calories in one workout while stepping inward rather than directly forward. The stepping movement will quickly increase and improve your cardio fitness.

The inward motion of the stepping movement is unique to the traditional stair stepper motion

Sturdy Handle bar helps to balance and increase stability allowing for a faster stepping motion.

The stepper’s inward motion targets and sculpts the calves, shins, thighs and buttocks

Inward motion promotes muscle function in hard to reach muscles usually neglected by common leg exercise movements.

This stepper machine is low impact and very soft on the joints, letting you work out longer and harder reducing the pressure on joints.

Walking up the stairs can be hard on the joints and not very convenient. The Twist – IN – Stepper with and Handle Bar makes it easy to workout in your home, office, and hotel or anywhere you have room to stand.

Track your progress with the LCD digital display that counts steps per minute, calories, time, and steps


Shipping Weight 22 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 14 x 12.5 x 19.5 in
Manufactured In



Sunny Health & Fitness

Model No.




Product Dimensions:

19L x 17W x 44H

Max User Weight:

220 lbs

Digital Monitor:

Strides per min, scan, step count, time, calories burned

Stepper Motion

Twist Action


1 YEAR – Structural Frame, 180 DAYS – Other Parts and Components.


2 reviews for Sunny Health & Fitness Twist-In Stepper with Handlebar

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michele Towne

    Excellent product and Excellent workout. Put on some music and go for it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    After a catastrophic accident last December, the ability to move freely was, at best, severely diminished. I had several broken bones, tears (yes, more than one) in my rotator cuff as well as neck, back, and a head injury (picked up weeks later). I was told exercise, especially kayaking, bike riding, and most other exercising wouldn’t happen this summer. Fortunately, I see the word ‘no’ as a challenge. I went online one night, searching for a piece of equipment that would help me strengthen my legs, hips (also injured, though not quite as severe), and stamina without doing further injuries to my neck, back, and hips. That’s when I stumbled across this little gem. People were skeptical, but I was not. I read everything I could find on it, plus the size was ideal.
    Although it took me almost an hour to put it together (on my own), I assembled it without any extra pieces (that leaves me wondering: did I miss a crucial step?). I was concerned about the length of wire (didn’t seem nearly long enough), but the company must’ve realized that wire could be a major
    (and frustrating) pain to place it down the tube so it could be connected without too much of an issue. They added one of the largest twisty-ties I’ve ever seen (pure genius, really), meant to be attached to the end of the wire so it could be pulled through the tube.
    The diagram was simple, making the assembly easier than I imagined it would be.
    That said, once it was together, I tried it out. The first few days were rough as I was using muscles that were dormant for too long – making movements a bit uncomfortable. Keep in mind, it was uncomfortable because I was/am recovering from an accident, so the twist stepper most likely won’t effect others in that way.
    I was out of shape as well, breathing hard after just a few minutes.
    3 weeks later:: I went from being able to stand for five minutes to 30 minutes. My legs are dramatically stronger, and something I believed impossible happened: I am now able to do some hiking, and for a nature enthusiast/photographer, it’s saved my sanity. In no way did it put strain on my back, hips, or neck. Even my PT noticed – and I’ve been going since January.
    I have friends, who, like me, also suffer from fibromyalgia. I’ve recommended the twist stepper (with handle bars for balance – a feature that was the deciding factor for my purchase).
    A few friends have tried it out, and like me, they were significantly impressed – and now want one of their own. Movement is vital with most disorders/diseases like Lupus, MS, Fibromyalgia, and gaining both more stamina and flexibility. There are many products out there that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. They are bulky, hard to place into a living room were furniture is – and, for the most part it is quiet. I need to get my neighbor to 44D the cable as well as the cylinders – they can squeak or click with longer workout times.
    It’s worth the money, time, and energy expended.
    One most impressive benefit I’m now noticing is I’m gaining muscle and toning my body better than when I used other things. Having lost 130 pounds, and not able to get the excess skin removed (insurance won’t cover), I’m liking my body more. Excess skin still sags, and I’d love to get that removed, but, hey, at least the pounds are gone and the twist stepper helps me maintain. I watch tv or listen to music (Not gonna break-a-my stride is a favorite 😂) and just go. Once you find your rhythm, it stops feeling like exercise and begins feeling like fun.
    Worth every penny and I tell everyone who is thinking about purchasing exercise equipment to get the stepper. Great product. Great results!!!!! ❤️❤️

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