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Fitness Gifts Under $250

Holiday Gifts Under $250

‘Tis the Season for Fitness! Sunny Health and Fitness is here to share some amazing fitness gifts to consider giving your family member this holiday season.

Pro indoor Cycle Bike - B901

Just under $250, The Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a great gift for someone who is a true road warrior. Give your loved one a bike that has all the necessities of an indoor cycling bike, without breaking the bank! Don’t let bad weather stop your favorite cyclist from getting their workout in because the pro-indoor cycling is sure to go beyond your expectations.

Magnetic Elliptical Bike - E905

Grandparents are going to LOVE this one! The elliptical trainer offers a great workout without stressing your joints. Some of the features include large anti-slip footing, moving arms, a digital monitor to track progress and adjustable resistance. Feel happy knowing grandpa and grandma are going to be able to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of the year! (Priced just under $160)

Easy Adjustable Seat Recumbent Bike - RB4616

Motivate the person that has “lose weight” as their new year’s resolution every year with the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4616 Recumbent Bike. The maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs makes this gift  great for all shapes and sizes. The comfortable seating with a padded backrest is amazing and great for those wanting to move without stressing out. (Priced just under $190)

Magnetic Rowing Machine - RW5515

Dads seem to be the hardest to shop for during the holiday. You can only buy so many tools and barbeque skewers before his tool box is full and the cabinets robust. Surprise dad with the gift he deserves with a SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine with an LCD monitor and help him get in the best shape of his life. This rower offers all of the necessities for an intense yet enjoyable rowing workout in the comfort of your own home making this machine the perfect gift for dad. (Priced under $180)

Twist-In Stepper with Handlebar - S0637

Solve the problems of shopping for distant relatives with the twist-in stepper that anyone will love. The hip rotation movement allows for more muscle activations in the quadriceps and glutes, thus burning more calories. The convenient handlebar can assist with balance and be used to increase the step rate. During the “Twist IN” motion the core is more engaged and is used to stabilize the body. Overall, this really is a great gift for a family member who is just beginning to get fit! (Priced just under $85).


Inclining Treadmill - T4400

If you really want to make someone’s holiday this year, then this fitness machine is the best gift they will receive! It’s definitely one of the more affordable treadmills on the market just priced around $250. Walking is so beneficial for your health and what better way to show your family member you care than with an amazing treadmill that is lightweight, portable, contains 9 built-in workout programs and is safe!