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Kids Fitness & Exercise

Healthy & Fun!


Fitness and exercise are great ways to connect with your kids in a healthy and fun way. Getting fit is also beneficial for setting up your kids for a lifetime of healthy habits. Some of these benefits include better heart health, improved blood pressure and a potential lower risk of obesity.

If you are wondering what kind of fitness equipment you can purchase for you and your kids – Sunny Health and Fitness has great options! Some items that are child and parent -friendly include the trampolines, yoga mats, and manual treadmills and desk bikes.

Rebounding is a fun and creative way to get into shape. Bounce into high kids fitness energy workouts that you can find free on YouTube! The handlebar will help you and your child stay balanced while jumping to the beat!

Walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. If you have a child over the age of 12, the manual treadmill could be a good fit. The treadmill doesn’t require any electrical power and is compact enough to fit someone over 12.

Does your teen have a hard time  concentrating while doing homework? You can try a desk bike where your teen can do homework while pedaling. It is also a great way for you to work while surfing the web.

Regular participation in physical activity can help improve a child’s health, fitness level and quality of life. In addition to enhancing musculoskeletal strength, resistance training beneficially modifies body composition and helps provide youth with an opportunity to experience success and feel good about their performance.

DISCLAIMER: *All products must be used under parent or guardian supervision.*

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