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stepper and shoulder workout

Full body

Leg and Shoulder Workout

You won’t get the booty you want by sitting on it! Start a full body, stepper workout from Sunny Health and Fitness, so you can engage your glutes, calves, thighs and quads! Add in some dumbbells for a full body workout. Dumbbells sold separately from your P8000 Pink Stepper. Click Here for more on the Stepper. Click Here for more on the Dumbbells.

Squatting Bicep Curls

For this position, we want to really engage your quads to feel a deep burn. Get into a lower squatting position, with your bottom pushed out a little, keeping your back flat. It’s a slight squat. With your arms, alternate each arm going behind you, with the other arm at your chest.

 Arm Raises

While stepping, lift your arms outward. You can either hold them in front of you to engage your shoulders. Try these for 45 seconds with 15 second rests for 15 minutes.

Shoulder Presses:

Engage those arms! Perform Shoulder Presses to workout your legs and Arms along with those shoulder muscles. You will really feel the impact after just 15 minutes with rests in between 1 minute sets. Pace yourself and do what’s comfortable.

Single Arm Presses: Alternating

Dance with your stepper and raise your arms to fitness! Burn calories as you step and raise each arm individually! You will feel the burn in your entire body. Perform 15 minutes of this with 30 second rests between each minute.