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sunny kettlebell workout

20 min kettlebell workout

Squeezing in a good workout can be super difficult! Luckily, with the Sunny Health and Fitness Vinyl Kettlebells, a great workout is totally achievable in just 20 minutes

Kettlebells are great tools to use to strengthen and tone muscles. Grasp your Kettlebell close to your chest. To ensure you are in the correct position, touch your thumb to your chin. With legs spread shoulder distance apart, perform a slow squat.

Do ten of these with 3 repetitions.  Make sure to give yourself a 15 second rest before starting a new set.

Kettlebells swings are perfect for a full body workout. From a squat position you are swinging the Kettlebell from under your legs up to your chin. The swing motion should give you enough momentum to pull your Kettlebell up. This cardio workout will strengthen your legs, glutes, core and arms!

Perform 10 Kettlebells on each arm with 3 repetitions. Make sure to give yourself a 15 second rest before starting a new set.

Cool down with the Kettlebell sumo squat. Adding Kettlebells to your squat workouts are extremely beneficial for strengthening and building your glutes and thighs. Challenge your body to become better with this workout out.

With legs spread shoulder width apart “sumo squat” down and pick up your Kettlebell. Slowly drop down and lift up without your Kettlebell. Repeat by squatting down, lifting the Kettlebell, and bringing yourself up.
Complete this 15 times with 3 repetitions. 

 ** Our information is verified by Fitness Expert, David Friedman, who has a Masters in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation.