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how to measure inseam

How to Measure Your Inseam

before purchasing your bike

What is “inseam?”

When shopping for an indoor cycling bike, it is important to first measure your inseam. Your inseam (for a bike) is measured from the beginning of your leg, and down to the middle of your foot.

How do you know if your inseam is right for the bike you want to purchase?

Usually, an indoor cycling bike will list the maximum and minimum inseam measurement for its customers. Always check this because it would be unfortunate to buy a bike you are too short or too tall for!

For example: Let’s say you measure your inseam at 34 inches.


Below is the listing for the SF-B1712 by Sunny Health and Fitness. The inseam is a minimum 29.5 inches and a maximum of 40 inches. At 34 inches, you are right in the middle and will perfectly fit this bike!


Why is measuring your inseam important?

Inseam is an important factor to consider when purchasing your bike! If you are too tall for your bike, you risk slouching while riding or hitting the handlebars as your legs pedal. Being too short for an indoor cycling bike risks proper form and can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Proper form is key for cycling in order to lower risks of injury, fatigue, and strain. Making sure you fit comfortably on your bike is going to help keep you riding longer and training harder!

Does Inseam apply to other Sunny Health and Fitness Equipment?

Yes! Your inseam is important to note for purchasing a rowing machine and recumbent bikes. Keep this in mind before purchasing future Sunny products.

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