SunnyFit® App - New Features and Updates

New Features in SunnyFit® v1.3.2


SunnyFit® Star Premium Content:

SunnyFit® Star Premium Content now LIVE! This is a FREE & NEW tier of content that will help push those looking for even more focused results. 

  • Star Program:
    • Goal-focused, trainer-designed workout programs designed to help you achieve your short-to-mid-term fitness goals!
    • Found in [Home], [Courses], [Me] -> Workout Plan / Training Program
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  • Star Course:
    • Professionally structured workout courses that include exclusive, course-specific warmups and cooldowns!
    • Found in [Home], [Courses] -> Latest Courses / Course Category
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  • Star World Tour Course:
    • Trainer-led (via audio) world tour courses that will give your virtual tourism sessions even more benefits!
    • Found in [Workout], [Courses] -> World Tour -> "Trainer Audio"
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SunnyFit® Rewards Points Redemption System:

  • SunnyFit® Rewards Points can now be redeemed for Star Premium Content!
  • The "Daily Tasks" have been updated to award more points to those that make use of workouts, as well as a general increase in overall points earned.

Rewards Points Menu


Data Import:

  • Data can now be imported from external sources like Apple Health (iOS) / Google Fit (Android) and compatible Bluetooth devices.



  • Collections are curated groups of workouts and courses from multiple workout types, here you will find courses from special events, holidays, and more.

Guide Collections Menu



  • Daily Ten allows quick access to a random 10-minute bodyweight course. Updated daily.
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  • Course Discussion allows for discussion and comments on individual courses. Accessible from post-workout results screens.
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Fitness Overview is a Fitness metric tracking hub that helps track fitness stats from compatible Bluetooth devices, Apple Health (iOS), and Google Fit (Android). You also have the option of inputting specific stats manually.

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