Why You Should Incorporate Squats Into Your Workout

Squats are one of the most useful exercises you can do, especially if you are trying to work your lower body and push yourself to reach higher goals. Incorporating squats into your fitness routine will allow you to get a glimpse at just how beneficial the exercise can be.

Being underweight has serious health risks Gaining a healthy amount of weight may sounds like an oxymoron to many people, but the process of gaining healthy weight is critical to understand for those that need it.

We all want fast results, but gaining fitness and strength isn’t all about work. Rest days are an essential part of any successful fitness routine.

Looking for ways to make running on the treadmill a bit more enjoyable? There’s a reason why the runner community created the hashtag #dreadmill on instagram.

Summer is just a few weeks away! If you’re ready to get toned and stronger for the summer this 4-week Summer Workout Program is all you need to kick your workout routine into high gear.

Ooey gooey chocolatey goodness awaits, with this upgraded version of your average banana bread. If you’re a chocolate lover, I deem this recipe a must try!

Counting your macros is one method of “healthy” eating that may give you the most freedom in food consumption choices.

One of the most important variables to a successful workout program is workout enjoyment. This doesn’t mean your workouts need to be fun in order to give you the best results.

This delicious PB&J Protein Smoothie is reminiscent of your favorite childhood lunch. Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich?!

Hydration is the process of absorbing water for use in every part of your body. Water is essential for life. Water makes up more than 50% of your body weight.

This delicious Chicken Pad Thai is a healthier version of one of your takeout favorites. Enjoy the yummy tangy flavors of Thai food, made with good-for-you ingredients, and packed with veggies and lean protein.