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10-minute workout you can do with your kids of all ages from Monday to Sunday.

Target your abs and build core strength with this quick core series is packed with beginner exercises to target your abs and obliques.

Who’s ready for 15 minutes of sizzling core work? Drop everything and get moving! All you need for this killer workout is your bodyweight.

In a study slump? Get up and get moving with this 10-minute feel-good study break workout.

Take a break from your desk and refresh your body and mind with this snappy 10-Minute Work Break Workout Routine.

Only have a few minutes to spare but in the mood for a great workout? Give this quick 5-Minute HIIT workout a go!

Wake up and move with this quick 5-minute mobility series that will set the tone for your day.

If you enjoyed the Low Impact Full Body Workout, you’ll love this Low Impact Lower Body HIIT Workout!

This low impact full-body workout is everything you need to get a great full-body workout today! So, drop everything, and let’s get a great 30-minute sweat in.

Due to a decrease in bone density, and a higher risk of osteoporosis with age, many older adults live with the fear of falling.