3 New Year Workout Programs to Help You Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

So, you’ve decided to make some changes this year. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get moving, we’ve got a workout plan for you.

If you enjoyed the Low Impact Full Body Workout, you’ll love this Low Impact Lower Body HIIT Workout!

This low impact full-body workout is everything you need to get a great full-body workout today! So, drop everything, and let’s get a great 30-minute sweat in.

Due to a decrease in bone density, and a higher risk of osteoporosis with age, many older adults live with the fear of falling.

If you struggle to maintain good posture throughout the day - you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of people mindlessly slouch and slump at their office desks and hunch their shoulders forward when they walk.

This Arms & Abs EMOM workout, is an every minute on the minute style of workout. Basically every minute you have a set amount of reps of an exercise to complete, you have whatever is left in the minute to rest before moving onto the next exercise on the minute.

WORKOUT: OVERVIEW: This 15-Minute Full Body Workout is designed to help you burn calories and work the major muscles in your legs, chest, shoulders, and core without any equipment. Follow along with Sunny Trainer Matt through each 45 second exercise....

All you need for this full body HIIT workout is a step, chair, or bench! But even if you don’t have anything to use, you can easily complete these exercises without.

This 20-Minute Full Body Workout is designed to warm up, workout, and stretch your body in 20 minutes without any equipment.

In this beginner’s circuit, workout your entire body with no equipment needed! In just 20 minutes target muscles in your lower, body, upper body and cardio and burn tons of calories!

Wake up and work out your entire body with this 15-minute Full Body HIIT Workout! This workout is perfect for intermediate exercisers, or beginners with modifications where needed.