Strengthen Your Core in Just 10 Minutes: Standing Ab and Balance Workout

A 10-minute standing ab and balance workout designed to enhance your core strength and stability.

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Strengthen Your Core in Just 10 Minutes: Standing Ab and Balance Workout



Are you looking for a quick yet effective way to strengthen your core and improve your balance? Look no further! Join Trainer Annora in this dynamic 10-minute standing ab and balance workout designed to enhance your core strength and stability. With a series of targeted exercises, you'll engage your entire body and finish with an intense sumo burnout that will leave your muscles on fire. This routine is perfect for anyone short on time but eager to achieve noticeable results.

Workout Length

10 minutes

Workout Level

All Levels


Annora Olavson

Why Choose a Standing Ab and Balance Workout?

Standing ab exercises are incredibly beneficial for improving core strength and stability without the need for a mat. These exercises are ideal for those who prefer to avoid floor workouts or are looking to incorporate more functional movements into their routine. By performing these exercises, you’ll also enhance your balance and coordination, which are crucial for overall fitness and daily activities.

The 10-Minute Workout Breakdown


1. Standing Knee Lifts: Start with standing knee lifts to get your heart rate up and warm up your core. Lift your knees high and engage your abs with each movement. This exercise sets the stage for the rest of the workout by activating your core muscles.

Core Activation

2. Overhead Crunches: Raise your arms overhead and bring them down as you lift one knee towards your chest. Alternate sides to engage your obliques and upper abs. This move not only works your core but also improves your coordination.

3. Knee Lift Hold: Hold one knee up at hip height and maintain your balance. This static hold targets your core and improves stability. Focus on keeping your core tight and your posture straight.

4. Standing Hip Abduction: With hands on your hips, lift one leg out to the side. This exercise works your hip muscles and enhances balance. Keep your movements controlled to fully engage your side glutes and core.

5. Standing Leg Extensions: Extend one leg forward and hold. This move challenges your core and leg strength. It’s an excellent way to work on your balance and stability.

Intensify the Core Workout

6. Cross-Body Crunches: Perform a standing cross-body crunch by bringing your elbow to the opposite knee. This exercise targets your entire core, focusing on the obliques. Ensure you twist your torso to maximize the oblique engagement.

Repeat for Maximum Burn

7. Standing Knee Lifts: Repeat the standing knee lifts to keep your core engaged and your heart rate up. This repetition ensures your muscles stay activated.

8. Overhead Crunches: Perform another set of overhead crunches to further engage your abs and obliques. Repetition is key to building endurance in your core muscles.

9. Knee Lift Hold: Hold the knee lift again to continue building stability and strength in your core. Focus on maintaining your balance and core tension.

10. Standing Hip Abduction: Repeat the standing hip abduction to work your hips and balance. This second round reinforces the work done earlier.

11. Standing Leg Extensions: Extend your leg forward once more, maintaining balance and engaging your core. Keep your movements deliberate to maximize muscle engagement.

Finishing Strong with Sumo Burnout

12. Cross-Body Crunches: Finish the core section with another set of cross-body crunches, ensuring your abs are thoroughly worked. This final set helps to fully fatigue the obliques and upper abs.

13. Sumo Squats & Ankle Touches: Transition into sumo squats, adding ankle touches to intensify the workout. This move works your legs and core simultaneously, providing a full-body burn.

14. Sumo Squat Hold & Heel Lifts: Hold a sumo squat and lift your heels off the ground. This is a killer move for your calves and core stability. Maintain the squat to engage your thighs and glutes.

15. Sumo Squat Hold & Side Crunches: Maintain the squat hold and add side crunches to engage your obliques and deepen the burn. This combination targets multiple muscle groups at once.

16. Sumo Squat Hold & Heel Lifts: End with another round of sumo squat hold and heel lifts to ensure every muscle is fatigued. This final push will leave your muscles on fire.

Cool Down and Stretch

After completing this intense 10-minute workout, take a few minutes to stretch and cool down. Focus on your core, hips, and legs to help your muscles recover and prevent soreness. Stretching is crucial to enhance flexibility and reduce muscle tension.


In just 10 minutes, you've worked your entire core, improved your balance, and elevated your heart rate with Trainer Annora's standing ab and balance workout. This routine is perfect for fitting into a busy schedule, ensuring you stay on track with your fitness goals. Incorporate this workout into your weekly routine to see improvements in your core strength and overall stability.

Stay committed, stay balanced, and keep pushing towards a stronger you!

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