Mother's Day Sale

Celebrate Mom with a special gift of fitness!

No equipment? No problem! Build your strength, cardiovascular fitness, and burn tons of calories with this 30-minute full body bodyweight EMOM workout.

Who’s ready for an amazing full-body workout on the aerobic step?

Ready to level up your incline treadmill workout? Up the ante with this intermediate 25- minute incline treadmill walking workout.

Nothing better than a challenging 15-minute lower body burn to get the job done! Join Sunny Trainer Sofee for 15 minutes of focused lower body strength work, to build strength and tone, and get your heart pumping.

Are you new to mini stepping and ready to get started? This beginner mini stepper workout is everything you need to start your fitness journey off on the right foot.

New to aerobic stepping? Build your cardio endurance and fitness with this fun and upbeat low impact aerobic step workout for beginners!

Sunny riders, we have another great beginner cycle bike ride to mix up your routine!

In this class, you’ll learn everything from how to safely and effectively use your machine and complete your first workout on your machine.

WORKOUT: OVERVIEW: Manual treadmills fans, we have a fun and intense 20-minute manual treadmill session for you! In this workout, you’ll work on building cardio strength and endurance through longer work intervals and minimal rest. Finish off with some heavy...

10-minute workout you can do with your kids of all ages from Monday to Sunday.