12 Quick & Effective Workouts for Busy People

We all know exercise is good for us, but the majority of us still struggle to keep up with a regular workout routine when the going gets busy.

Pressed for time, but still want to achieve an effective cardiovascular workout on your elliptical?

“It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being present” Join our newest Sunny Trainer, Shelby, in her at-home cycling studio for this heart-pumping feel-good cycle ride that’s perfect for all fitness levels!

Take a break from your desk and refresh your body and mind with this snappy 10-Minute Work Break Workout Routine.

Calling all rowers – drop everything and give this 15-Minute Power Row & Core Workout a try! It may be quick but it’s anything but easy.

With this full 10-minute upper body focus session on your Row-N-Ride, you’ll learn a variety of upper body exercises you can complete using your Row-N-Ride machine.

Join Sunny Trainer Sofee for an intense full-body workout on and off your Row-N-Ride!

This combination workout is a blend of glute and core work that will have you seriously feeling the burn!

This workout consists of 7 minutes on the Row-N-Ride, alternating between slow and quick tempos, followed by 6 minutes of dumbbell work (full body), and finishing up with 7 minutes back on the Row-N-Ride, alternating between slow and longer quick tempo intervals.

Join Sunny Trainer Sofee on your Row-N-Ride for this full-body workout that includes a little bit of everything! All in 20 minutes you’ll work on tempo, upper body, lower body, and sprints.

Let’s burn out that upper body today with Sunny Trainer Sofee’s 15-minute upper body pyramid workout!