Stepper workout in Workouts

15-Minute Mini Stepper HIIT Workout

Get ready to sweat and sculpt as we combine stepper cardio with bodyweight exercises for a full-body burn.

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Quick 10-Minute Tabata Mini-Stepper Cardio Workout

Join us for an energizing 10-minute Tabata-style Mini-Stepper workout led by our Sunny Trainer Dana. 

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#stepper-workout #tabata

Quick Mini Stepper Workout FOR BEGINNERS | 5 Minutes

Whether you're a beginner looking to get in some quick cardio or a Barbie fan this workout is perfect for...

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Intermediate Mini Stepper - Strength Supersets | 20 Minutes

Work on your full body strength and endurance with this 20-minute Mini Stepper workout! Sunny trainer, Claire Jenkins, guides you...

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