Why You Should Incorporate Squats Into Your Workout

Squats are one of the most useful exercises you can do, especially if you are trying to work your lower body and push yourself to reach higher goals. Incorporating squats into your fitness routine will allow you to get a glimpse at just how beneficial the exercise can be.

Follow along with Sunny Trainer, Matt, as he leads you through 4 effective and challenging core strengthening exercises on your stability ball.

WORKOUT: OVERVIEW: Build your upper body strength and develop lean, strong muscle in your upper body with this simple but effective workout. Just 4 exercises to strengthen your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back. You’ll complete two combo sets, each containing...

Olympic weightlifting, functional training, strength training, power-lifting, and muscular growth training can all be performed effectively using a barbell and weight plates.

This lower body strength workout is designed to strengthen and tone for beautiful, lean, strong muscle in your lower body.

This full body strength workout includes 6 exercises designed to challenge and target your entire body. Use the weight of your choice to complete the 6 exercises.

The muscles surrounding your core play a critical role in your cycling performance. The abdominals, obliques, and spinal erectors provide the foundation for all muscular system movement.

While most cyclists tend to focus on lower body strength, power, and endurance, it’s important to remember that your upper body plays a role in the control and positioning of your ride.

If you haven’t added strength training to your cycling exercise program or are new to strength training, this workout will take you through some of the best lower body exercises to help you perform your best during your cycling workouts

Rowing is a full-body movement that involves muscles throughout your upper body, lower body, and core. For this reason, it is important to keep each area strong to produce efficient strokes without using one region of the body more than the other.

Use this workout to help increase the muscular endurance of key areas of your hips, thighs, and core. You may complete this workout up to 3 times per week on non-consecutive days.