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Nothing better than a challenging 15-minute lower body burn to get the job done! Join Sunny Trainer Sofee for 15 minutes of focused lower body strength work,...
Let’s burn out that upper body today with Sunny Trainer Sofee’s 15-minute upper body pyramid workout!
This Seated Dumbbell Strength Workout is great for seniors or those working on recovering strength or balance after an injury. Complete these exercises with the...
Functional fitness is training with movements similar to those you might use throughout the day.
This dumbbell endurance workout is great for those who want a full body workout to build muscular endurance and burn calories.
If you’ve got a pair of dumbbells and just a little time, this 15-minute full body strengthener will put your body to the test.
In this killer lower body circuit, Sunny fitness trainer Sydney guides you through 4 different free-weight exercises using a kettlebell, dumbbells, exercise mat,...
This full body strength workout includes 6 exercises designed to challenge and target your entire body. Use the weight of your choice to complete the 6 exercises.
This Full Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout for Fat Loss is designed to build strong lean muscle in your upper body, lower body and core.
Dumbbell training programs are an easy way to add quality resistance training into your regular exercise routine. We’ve developed this dumbbell workout to give...