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"upper body"

Achieve a crazy good upper body pump as Sunny Trainer James takes you through this 15-minute dumbbell strength workout focused on strengthening your chest, back,...
Welcome to our Fit Summer Beach Series consisting of bodyweight-only, no equipment workouts!
Do you want to increase upper body strength? Starting with bodyweight strength training is a great way to build up your upper body strength, and it’s easy to...
Target your entire upper body with this full arm day workout! Follow along with Sunny Trainer Sofee as she coaches you through each and every move.
With this full 10-minute upper body focus session on your Row-N-Ride, you’ll learn a variety of upper body exercises you can complete using your Row-N-Ride machine.
Let’s burn out that upper body today with Sunny Trainer Sofee’s 15-minute upper body pyramid workout!
For those of you looking to work your upper body with the Row-N-Ride, join Sunny Trainer Sofee for this amazing 15-minute Upper Body and Tabata Sprints workout!
This workout is great for those looking for a challenging workout that focuses more on upper body exercise using a mini stepper with bands.
If you love stepping and are looking to build a little muscle while burning calories this is the perfect workout for you.
WORKOUT: OVERVIEW: Build your upper body strength and develop lean, strong muscle in your upper body with this simple but effective workout. Just 4 exercises...