Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

Workouts for weight loss are continually desired by many who are trying to shed unwanted pounds to improve health, fitness, and physique.

This 10-Minute HIIT Ab Finisher is the perfect way to finish off any workout! Follow along with Sunny Trainer Sydney as you power through these advanced moves that will target your core from every angle.

Target a variety of muscles in your upper body including your shoulders, back, triceps, and chest with this low impact upper body HIIT workout.

Take your recumbent bike workout to the next level with this cardio HIIT circuit. Follow Sunny Trainer Sydney as she leads you through quick sprints on the recumbent bike, and beginner bodyweight exercises to increase cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Are you in the mood for an awesome lower body-based workout? This HIIT routine combines weighted and bodyweight lower body exercises to target your glutes and thighs.

In this beginner’s circuit, workout your entire body with no equipment needed! In just 20 minutes target muscles in your lower, body, upper body and cardio and burn tons of calories!

Ellipticals are great for those looking to achieve an intense, low impact, calorie burning, cardio workout.

If you’ve got a pair of dumbbells and just a little time, this 15-minute full body strengthener will put your body to the test.

WORKOUT: OVERVIEW: This 20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout is designed to work your entire body in just 20 minutes! Sweat your way to fit as you follow along with Sunny Trainer Sydney through 8, 2-minute rounds of exercise. This workout...

This HIIT Step Workout Series is the perfect place to start. Follow along as Sunny Trainer Sydney guides you through an entire workout.

Workout: Overview: This HIIT row workout is a great way to incorporate HIIT training into your rowing cardio program. The workout will take you through ten 1 minute long max effort rowing intervals. After each hard row you will have...