15 Min MINI STEPPER Workout #1 - Specific Steps

This workout incorporates quick and steady steps, along with bicep curls, to keep you engaged and motivated from start to finish.

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15 Min MINI STEPPER Workout #1 - Specific Steps



Ready to push your fitness limits? Join Sunny Trainer Eloisa for a high-energy 15-minute endurance challenge designed to boost your stamina and sculpt your body. This dynamic workout incorporates quick and steady steps, along with bicep curls, to keep you engaged and motivated from start to finish.


Workout Length 15 Minutes
Workout Level All Levels
Product Used SF-S021054
Trainer Eloisa Sachs


Workout Details:

Warmup: Let's kick things off with a dynamic warmup to get your muscles primed and ready for action. We'll start with some light stretches and mobility exercises to loosen up those joints and get the blood flowing.

Quick Steps: Now that you're all warmed up, it's time to pick up the pace! Get ready to bust out some quick steps as we elevate your heart rate and challenge your cardio endurance. Keep those feet moving as fast as you can for maximum calorie burn and cardiovascular benefits.

Steady Steps: Catch your breath and settle into a steady rhythm as we maintain a consistent pace. Focus on maintaining good form and control as you continue to step it out. This is where we build endurance and stamina, so stay strong and keep pushing through.

Quick Steps: Ready to kick things up a notch again? Let's go for another round of quick steps to really get that heart pumping. Remember to stay light on your feet and maintain a quick tempo as we power through this segment.

Rest: Take a well-deserved breather and grab a sip of water as we prepare for the next phase of our workout. Use this time to catch your breath and rehydrate before we dive back in.

Steady Steps with Bicep Curls: Time to add a little extra challenge to our steady steps! Grab some light dumbbells and incorporate bicep curls into your routine as you continue to step it out. This not only targets your lower body but also engages your arms for a full-body burn.

Steady Steps with Bro Curls: We're almost there, folks! Keep pushing through as we finish strong with another round of steady steps, this time incorporating "bro curls" to target those biceps. Focus on maintaining proper form and control as you power through to the finish line.

Cool Down: Now it's time to bring your heart rate down and give your muscles some well-deserved recovery time. We'll finish off with some gentle stretches and deep breathing exercises to help reduce muscle soreness and promote relaxation.

Thanks for joining us for this epic 15-minute endurance challenge! Remember, the key to success is consistency and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Keep up the great work, and we'll see you next time for another awesome workout with Sunny Trainer Eloisa!

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