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"how to use"

Are you interested in adding the Row-N-Ride™ or Row-N-Ride Pro™ to your home gym? I'll answer our most popular questions to get you the answers you need!
As a fitness professional, many clients have asked me about mini steppers & bad knees. Mini steppers are good and safe for knees when performed correctly.
Each performance monitor metric gives you insight into how you performed during your ride. Learn about cycling cadence, what it is and how to improve it.
Kickstart your Row-N-Ride Pro™ journey with three amazing workouts to help you get started. Build strength and tone your entire body for the best results.
Follow my best advice and top tips for acing your climbs during your indoor cycling workout. Whether new or experienced, you can and will get better at climbs.
Work out with my 9 favorite resistance band exercises on mini steppers. Strengthen your upper body and core for a full body workout experience today!
Learn how to use the Synergy Pro Bike SF-B1851 performance monitor to follow trainer workouts, set up goals for your ride, and race to improve your results.
Find the 10 most common indoor cycling mistakes that hold you back from having an effective and safe ride. Learn how to avoid and fix them with our top tips.
Learn about the benefits of why you should add aerobic step workouts to your routine. Follow these 3 step aerobics workouts from the comfort of your home! 
Learn everything you need to know about how to use a mini stepper for your home gym. Choose, set up, and get started with proper form and best workouts.