New Equipment Spotlight: The Hydraulic Rower

Introducing our Smart Compact Full Motion Rower; a hydraulic rower that works your full body like a traditional rower but with the added benefit of full-motion arms.

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New Equipment Spotlight: The Hydraulic Rower

If you’re tired of the same old workout equipment and are itching for something new, Sunny has just the thing. Introducing our Smart Compact Full Motion Rower; a hydraulic rower that works your full body like a traditional rower but with the added benefit of full-motion arms. This allows for more activation of the muscles in your upper back, chest, core, and shoulders, effectively boosting your muscular strength in these areas. As an added advantage, this rower promotes a large range of motion through your shoulder joints, amongst many other health benefits. Let’s check out all the different ways this innovative machine can help you achieve your health and fitness goals!


5 Reasons Sunny’s New Smart Hydraulic Rower Will Level Up Your Fitness

1. Works Your Entire Body

One of the best things about the rower is that you can work on full body strength all in one go. The rower works roughly 86% of your muscles, and with the full-motion arms, you are activating even more of your core, upper back, chest, and shoulder musculature. This is good news for two reasons: you burn more calories during your workout and efficiently use your exercise time. In just a 15-minute workout, you can check strength training off your daily to-do list.


2. Boosts Shoulder Mobility

This rower’s full-motion arm feature allows your shoulders to move through a larger range of motion than with a regular rower. As you actively work your shoulder joint’s range, you will build stability in your joint while also enabling it to stay mobile. Shoulders often get stiff and tight as we age, so keeping the joint well-lubricated and accustomed to movement through its entire range of movement is an excellent preventative practice.


3. Spices Up Your Workout Routine

Don’t let yourself get bored of the same old workout – try something new! Sunny’s innovative design makes your rowing workout experience completely different than anything you’ve done before in a gym. Variety is important for a workout routine, it keeps things fresh and prevents exercise burnout. The Full Motion Rower is a great solution for keeping you motivated and your workouts exciting.


4. Torches Calories

As previously mentioned, our Full-Motion Rower activates more than 86% of your body’s musculature. And more muscles activated = more calories needed to perform each contraction. With just one machine you can boost your workout calorie burn significantly.

What’s more, as you gradually build more muscle with each workout, you also increase your daily base calorie burn (also known as basal metabolic rate). You will burn more calories while at rest, so if weight loss is one of your fitness goals this is a huge benefit.


5. Gives Your Joints a Break

The icing on the cake for this machine is that you get all these amazing health benefits from a seated position. If you struggle with any type of joint pain and often feel limited with low-impact cardio options, the Full Motion Rower could be the perfect solution. You will reap all the high-intensity cardio benefits without the extra impact on your joints.


Smart Compact Full Motion Rower: Product Features

Now that we’ve covered all the amazing user benefits that accompany the Smart Compact Full Motion Rower, let’s check out some of its most noteworthy product features.


1. Connected Fitness

As a Smart machine, the hydraulic rower can connect to the SunnyFit® App, where you can follow along with trainer-led workouts, or enjoy some beautiful scenery on one of the world tours. Not only will this take the guesswork out of your daily workouts, but it's also a great way to track your workout metrics and progress.


2. 12 Levels of Hydraulic Resistance

Easily adjust the resistance on your rower with a simple twist. With the option to choose from 12 different levels, you can perfectly customize the intensity of each workout, so you are always being challenged at the right level.


3. Compact Size

Aptly named, the Compact Full Motion Rower boasts a small footprint, allowing it to easily fit in spaces of all sizes. What’s more, the machine is lightweight and easy to move, so you can switch up your workout location or easily store it out of the way when not in use.


4. Sturdy and Robust

Despite its small frame, this machine is stable and robust. Its max user weight can hold up to 350 lbs, and the floor stabilizers keep the rower firmly in place as you exercise. Feel safe and secure while you work out!


5. Large Anti-Slip Foot Pedals

The large anti-slip foot pedals keep your feet firmly in place as you row. The adjustable straps keep your feet secure on the foot plate, so you feel solid through each row.


A New Way to Row

Sunny’s Smart Compact Full Motion Rower is the perfect way to challenge your fitness in a new way. If you want to try a full-body workout that provides numerous health benefits and keeps your workouts fresh and exciting, this could be the perfect fit for you! Give it a try and keep us updated on all your fitness fun.


The Hydraulic Rower Infographic

The Hydraulic Rower Infographic


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