10 Reasons to Love Sunny’s New Adjustable Dumbbells: A Complete Guide

These dumbbells make it easier than ever to train with free weights at home, with their space-saving design and ease of use, so you can reap all the amazing benefits of strength training for yourself.

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10 Reasons to Love Sunny’s New Adjustable Dumbbells: A Complete Guide

Strength training is having a moment. According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s worldwide fitness survey, strength training with free weights is number two in fitness trends for 2023. And for good reason – strength training provides countless health benefits including decreased risk for chronic disease, improved body composition, and increased functionality just to name a few.

If that’s not enough reason for you to buy in the strength training craze, Sunny has one more for you: adjustable dumbbells. These dumbbells make it easier than ever to train with free weights at home, with their space-saving design and ease of use, so you can reap all the amazing benefits of strength training for yourself. Here are 10 reasons to love Sunny’s new adjustable dumbbells!


1. Space Saving

The great thing about adjustable dumbbells is that they don’t take up much space, but you still have several weight options available for your workouts. If you’re working with a small exercise space, these won’t take up much room, so you won’t have to sacrifice extra square footage in your home.


2. Easy to Use

Simply adjust the weight of your dumbbells in one click, so you can seamlessly transition between weights throughout your workouts. You can easily increase or decrease weight with each exercise, with 15-55 lbs weight options available (increasing in 10 lbs increments).


3. Even Out Imbalances by Training Unilaterally

Dumbbells are a great tool to use when training unilaterally, or focusing on one side of the body at a time. This is useful for restoring balance to any imbalances you might have. If you’re training with a bar or a machine, it’s easy to favor one side and let that side do most of the work (usually the stronger side). It is quite common to have one side that is a little stronger or a little more mobile than the other, and it’s not something to worry about too much. But incorporating unilateral training into your routine once or twice a week is a great way to manage injury prevention and/or rehabilitation.


4. Improve Functional Strength

Dumbbells are free weights, meaning you are in complete control of how you move the weight through your range of motion. This is great for functional training, as it prepares you for real-world tasks and movements that you do in your regular day-to-day. This type of training will aid in your ability to lift groceries off the ground, move furniture, garden in the backyard, etc. As your body gets stronger, you can expect to move throughout your day with less fatigue and more ease.


5. Customize Your Workout

If you’re in the middle of a set and you’re starting to fatigue, taking a drop set (where you lower the amount of weight lifted) is an excellent way to finish the set while maintaining proper form. The adjustable dumbbells make it simple to make these small adjustments within your workout, so you can modify the intensity to meet your needs.


6. Easily Progress Your Training

As you start to progress through your training program, you will need to adjust the amount of weight you’re using as you get stronger. With 5 weight options in 1, you can easily progress to using a higher weight, making sure you’re optimizing strength gains.


7. Fight Chronic Disease

There is a vast amount of scientific data demonstrating that strength training is highly effective in fighting chronic disease. All modalities of strength training, in this case dumbbell training, have confirmed a positive effect on diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, Type II diabetes, and more. (1) While strength training does take effort, this is an effective, non-invasive way to instantly improve your overall health.


8. Save Your Bank Account

Instead of having to buy several different weights to build out your home gym, all you need is two. With 5 different weights in one dumbbell, there is no need to spend money on multiple weight options. It’s a highly affordable choice, and your bank account will be happy!


9. Increase Your Longevity

We know that strength training helps improve functional strength and combats chronic disease, so it is undeniably a factor in improving your longevity. Not only does it have a direct effect on your life span, but perhaps more importantly, it increases your health span. In other words, regular strength training helps you live longer and also extends your health and quality of life.


10. Improve Body Composition

By gaining muscle mass through dumbbell training, you are increasing the amount of active tissue in your body. In turn, expect a boost in your metabolism, effectively burning more calories at a base level throughout your day. This continues to help increase your lean muscle mass and decrease body fat, for a healthier body composition.


1. Katrina L. Piercy, P. (2018, November 20). Physical activity guidelines for Americans. JAMA. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/2712935. Accessed 16 October 2023.


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