All the Details on How to Build A Home Gym that Perfectly Fits Your Living Space

With so many options to choose from you can set up your home gym to suit your style, space, and budget.

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All the Details on How to Build A Home Gym that Perfectly Fits Your Living Space

We’ve all seen those Instagram videos and photos from fitness influencers that showcase their beautiful (and super-sized) home gyms. Glancing around your 700-square-foot Los Angeles apartment, it might seem impossible to squeeze one more thing in there, let alone fitness equipment for a gym (I might be speaking from experience here). But the good news is, you don’t need endless amounts of space or expensive equipment to achieve your fitness goals! Being mindful of how you set up your exercise space and what items you purchase can make all the difference.

Sunny has the perfect combination of machines, weights, and accessories to get you a well-rounded full-body workout. With so many options to choose from you can set up your home gym to suit your style, space, and budget. Read on below to get all the juicy info on how to curate the home gym of your dreams. Let’s dive in!


Pick Your Cardio Equipment

This is usually the big ticket item – in both price and space required. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there that will work for you! You just have to choose wisely.


Foldable Equipment

We have plenty of foldable cardio machines that open when in use, and then fold up to be stored out of the way when you’re done. Check out our foldable treadmills, rowers, and Row-N-Ride® that will provide an awesome cardio workout without the hassle of needing a bunch of extra square footage.


Compact Cardio

If the free space in your home is limited, not to worry! Our mini-steppers boast a small footprint, but deliver big on cardiovascular training. Follow along in the SunnyFit® app for trainer-led workouts, or get some steps in when you’re watching TV in the evening. However you decide to use your stepper, you will get a great workout while saving space and your bank account.



Stationary bikes do take up a bit more space than the previously mentioned items, but when it comes to comparing the treadmill, elliptical, and cycle, the cycle wins on space every time. So, if you have a little extra money to splurge and you love the cycle, this is a great option for your home gym! Plus, the cycle will challenge your cardiovascular fitness while also keeping your workouts low-impact.


What Strength Training Equipment Do You Need?

Strength training (any type) should be an integral component of all fitness routines. Just two strength workouts per week will improve your body composition, fight chronic disease, and boost longevity; it’s an effective way to improve overall health and wellness with minimal equipment needed.(1) This type of equipment is generally small and storable, so it won’t take up too much space in your home.



Free weights are great for improving strength and body composition. Our Sunny dumbbells come in all different styles and weights, so you can customize your workout to meet your fitness level. You can use a rack to store them, so they take up a relatively small amount of space. Be sure to check out our new adjustable dumbbells, which act like several dumbbells in one, allowing you to make efficient use of your workout area.


Resistance Bands

These are great because not only are they storable, but they are also portable! No need to designate a specific workout area – just store them where you can and move them to your favorite workout location when you’re ready. Anchor them to your door or use them freely in any room of the house (or outside!). With so many customizable workout location options, these are perfect for any home gym.



If your goal is to build functional strength, the kettlebells are a great option. You can also target your muscular power with moves like kettlebell swings, cleans, and snatches. This is a versatile training tool that can be easily packed away in a closet or under a bed when not in use.



This item isn’t exactly space-saving, but it’s a wonderful way to challenge your strength if you are able to fit one in your home gym. Sunny offers some slim options when it comes to barbell racks, so if you aren’t able to fit a full power rack in your living room, no problem.


Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Fitness accessories can be a great way to take your training to the next level. These items fall into the category of nice-to-have if space is a luxury for you, although are not necessary if you can’t make it work.


Vibration Platform

The vibration platform is an excellent piece of equipment to aid in recovery, but it can also add an extra challenge to resistance training and balancing moves. Improve circulation and bone mineral density, boost total calories burned, and feel more recovered all from the surface of your vibration platform!


Gym Ball

If your goal is to improve stability and core strength, this is the perfect accessory for you. The soft and moveable surface of the ball provides a challenge to your core during exercises like crunches, planks, hamstring curls, and more.


Plyo Box

It seems like an overly simple item (I mean, it’s literally just a wooden box), but there is SO much you can do with a plyo box! Use it for explosive exercises like box jumps or step-ups, or implement it as a prop to assist you when doing box squats, incline push-ups, or triceps dips. If you have to pick just one accessory item to add to your home gym, this one has my vote!


Jump Rope

Another easily stored item, the jump rope can take your HIIT and cardio training to the next level.


Final Thoughts

Home gyms can take on many shapes and sizes. No matter how big or small your space is, we have the exercise equipment to take your fitness journey down the desired path. Don’t forget to check out the SunnyFit® app – with hundreds of professionally certified trainer-led workouts, you can get a high-quality and efficient exercise session every time you press play. And keep us updated on YOUR fitness journey! We would love to know how you created your home gym, and what workouts are your favorite. Happy training! 😊


1. Katrina L. Piercy, P. (2018, November 20). Physical activity guidelines for Americans. JAMA. Accessed 11 September 2023.


How to Build A Home Gym Infographic

How to Build A Home Gym Infographic


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