5 Ways a Vibration Platform Can Boost Your Health and Wellness

There are numerous ways in which the vibration machine can benefit health both mentally and physically.

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5 Ways a Vibration Platform Can Boost Your Health and Wellness

Originally developed in the 1960s and used by Soviet cosmonauts to prevent muscle and bone atrophy during space flight, the vibration platform has long been an enigmatic staple of health and fitness programs all over the world.(1) You might have some questions about this widely used, but little-known machine, including “What does it do?”, “Can it help me lose weight?”, and the most popular “Does it actually work?” Read on to find all the answers to your burning questions and more!


Top Benefits of Using a Vibration Platform

There are numerous ways in which the vibration machine can benefit health both mentally and physically. Let’s explore the top five ways a vibration platform can enhance your overall fitness, health, and wellness:


1. Increase Your Circulation

Whole body vibration (WBV) has been shown to improve peripheral blood flow, meaning circulation to the upper and lower limbs increases. This is helpful for recovery, as better circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients needed for your muscles to build back up after a hard workout. Increased circulation also helps with warming up the muscles prior to exercise, so this machine can be used on either end of your workout as a great warm-up or cool-down tool. Research finds that it is also helpful for people who suffer from the neurovascular complications of diabetes. This means that wound healing, which is otherwise very slow in people with Type I and Type II diabetes, can be much more efficient.(2)


2. Maximize Your Strength

When pairing the vibration platform with strength exercise (whether it be bodyweight, dumbbell, or resistance band training), muscular strength and power increase more than when compared with just strength training alone.(3) That shaky and unstable surface requires your muscles to contract more than they would if you were working on a regular, flat surface. Your body is sending the signal that it needs to be stabilized and your muscles respond to this signal by rapidly engaging. This can be especially helpful in athletes training for a specific action, and the vibration plate gives that little extra edge in training. In fact, professional athletes across a variety of sports have been known to incorporate the vibration plate in their conditioning, including Olympians, NFL, and MLB players.(4)

*Note: Ensure your safety while working out on the platform! Stick with less complex movements that involve bodyweight, dumbbell, or resistance band exercises. If you have a fall history or are not confident in your balance, use your platform while seated only.


3. Improve Your Bone Mineral Density

It may seem counterintuitive, but a healthy amount of impact on your body promotes strong bones. Just like with muscle growth, bones require a certain amount of stimulus to grow and to prevent weak, brittle bones. The oscillation provided by the vibration platform creates a stimulus and encourages your bones to adapt. Research shows that using the platform for 10-20 minutes per day helps populations that struggle with adequate bone density (i.e., astronauts and people with osteoporosis) increase whole-body bone mineral density, preventing potential fractures.(5)

*Note: If you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia, please discuss whole-body vibration therapy with your doctor, before using a vibration plate.


4. Boost Energy Expenditure During Your Workouts

In a study comparing women using the vibration machine while exercising and women engaging in exercise only, scientists found that the women who used the vibration machine burned more calories during their workout overall. The researchers attributed this to increased reflexive muscular activity in response to the unstable surface and oscillating platform of the vibration machine.(6) Strength training by itself is an amazing act of self-care, but doing it on a vibration platform can get you even more bang for your buck!

*Note: Ensure your safety while working out on the platform! Stick with less complex movements that involve bodyweight, dumbbell, or resistance band exercises. If you have a fall history or are not confident in your balance, use your platform while seated only.


5. Optimize Your Recovery

Percussion therapy (aka the vibration platform) is an effective way to reduce muscle soreness and improve your joint range of motion after a challenging workout.(7,8) This is attributed to a number of factors including increased blood flow, reduced perception of pain, and increased relaxation.(8) Down-regulating your nervous system by treating yourself to a relaxing activity after being exposed to stress (even if that stress is good, like exercise!) is important for your body to start and expedite the recovery process.(8)


How to Use Your Vibration Platform

There are so many ways this tiny but mighty machine can be integrated into your daily routine and/or workout. One of the best things about this machine is how versatile it can be. Here are some excellent ways to use your platform!


1. Warm Up/Cool Down

Standing or sitting on the platform can help increase blood flow and circulation to prepare your body for the increased demand of exercise. You can also perform some low-intensity, dynamic movements on the vibration platform to get your body warm and ready for your workout. Stand, sit, or place your feet on the platform to help facilitate recovery.

woman demonstrating tabletop exercise


2. During Workouts

Level up your strength training and try out some of your exercises (safely!) on the vibration platform. You can perform exercises standing on the platform, such as squats or single-leg balance. You can also opt for lunges (with one foot on and one foot off the platform) or planks (with just your hands on the platform).

woman demonstrating posterior chair pose exercise
woman demonstrating tree pose exercise
woman demonstrating lunge exercise
woman demonstrating plank exercise


3. On Recovery Days

Give your sore muscles some TLC with a round of well-earned percussion therapy. Stand or sit on the platform to reduce muscular pain and achiness, and promote circulation.(7)

woman demonstrating seated exercise


4. To Feel More Relaxed

Use the platform on your feet as you sit on the couch or in your favorite comfy chair. Watch your favorite show, open a book, or sit and meditate. Enjoy this time you are giving yourself to slow down and de-stress!

Vibration platform workout positions 


Which Vibration Platform Is Right for You?

Sunny Health and Fitness has two vibration platforms to choose from! Not sure which one is right for you? You can’t really go wrong, but this shopping guide will help you select the one that best meets your needs and fitness goals!


Fitboard 4D Vibration Platform Exercise Machine (SF-VP822058)

The Fitboard 4D has 7 oscillation modes, 30 levels of speed, and three user programs, so you can fully customize your experience to your preferences. You can control your machine from the included remote control, or directly from the screen on your machine. While you are balancing on the board, feel confident that it will stay in place (besides the vibrations, of course!) with the suction cup stabilizers, quality build, and non-slip surface.

Why you want this machine: This platform has a huge variety of options when it comes to intensity level, oscillation mode, and pre-made programs. If you like to be able to fine-tune your adjustments, this is the vibration platform for you!


3D Vibration Platform (SF-VP822057)

The 3D Vibration platform has 3 different oscillation modes, 16 levels of speed, and 3 user programs. And the best part of this machine? The attached resistance bands! Conveniently anchored to the platform, you can perform all of your favorite exercises right from your platform.

Why you want this machine: If your priority is to boost your strength, you can’t pass up this platform. Equipped with built-in resistance bands, you don’t need any extra equipment to crush your strength workouts.


Final Thoughts

Adding a vibration platform to your daily routine or workout regimen can be an excellent way to capitalize on your strength training and energy output, improve circulation, strengthen your bones, and optimize recovery. And while using a vibration platform isn’t going to work miracles, it can be a helpful tool in your fitness toolbelt to help make a meaningful difference in how you feel. Try it out and let us know what you think!


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5 Ways a Vibration Platform Can Boost Your Health and Wellness Infographic

5 Ways a Vibration Platform Can Boost Your Health and Wellness Infographic


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