Top Calorie-Burning Cycle Bike Workouts

Cycling is one of the best ways to get the blood pumping and achieve a high-calorie burn while working out.

Olympic weightlifting, functional training, strength training, power-lifting, and muscular growth training can all be performed effectively using a barbell and weight plates.

The barbell bent over row is one of the best muscle building back exercises. While the exercise targets the back and biceps, muscles of the low back, core, and hips are involved to help perform the movement correctly.

The barbell squat is arguably one of the best ways to increase your muscular strength, growth, and performance. Use this video as a detailed overview to help you improve your lifting performance.

When performed correctly, deadlifts can help your posture and bone density. In this video, we present key areas that you should focus on to ensure that you are executing each deadlift repetition effectively.

Running is a great activity that can result into many health and fitness benefits when done properly. Improper running form can increase your risk for injury significantly.