8/28/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 30

Quarantine got you down? Stay fit with these 3 tips to help keep you on track!

This episode will serves as the Season 2 closer to 9 to 5 Fitness. Stay tuned for more details of Season 3, coming soon. Special Thanks to our cohosts Matthew Davidson and Sydney Bueckert, and a huge thanks to all of our listeners!


8/21/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 29

Sydney and Matt discuss the benefits of the home gym compared to your local fitness facility and whether you should focus more attention on building a home gym for your long term health and fitness goals.

8/14/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 28

Sydney and Matt discuss the top five factors to consider before purchasing a treadmill. For more information on choosing the right treadmill, check out the articles below.

8/7/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 27

Sydney and Matt discuss the top five factors to consider before purchasing a stepper. For more information on choosing the right stepper, check out the articles below.

7/31/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 26

Sydney and Matt discuss the top five factors to consider before purchasing a elliptical. For more information on choosing the right elliptical, check out the articles below.

7/24/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 25

Sydney and Matt unveil the exciting details of the Fit & Toned for Summer At Home Workout Program, and how you can use it to get in great shape without any equipment! Join the Official Sunny Health & Fitness Community Facebook group for free access to the 52 page E-book with 18 free full length workouts.

7/17/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 24

Sydney and Matt discuss the top five factors to consider before purchasing a rower. For more information on choosing the right rower, check out the articles below.

7/10/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 23

Sydney and Matt discuss the top five factors to consider before purchasing a exercise bike. For more information on choosing the right exercise bike, check out the articles below.

7/3/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 22

Sydney and Matt discuss strategies to help you lose fat weight and how to know how many calories you should eat to reach your weight loss goal safely and consistently.

6/26/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 21

Sydney and Matt discuss the history of the Body Mass index (BMI) and share their thoughts on some other ways you can measure and track your body composition.

6/19/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 20

Is there a best workout? Sydney and Matt discuss what workouts have worked best for them and give you advice on which workout might be the best for you. They take a look at the current fitness trends to help you decide which workouts you should consider for your fitness journey.

6/12/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 19

Sydney and Matt discuss the 7 different circumstances you may be facing as life shows signs of returning to normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. They share some of the most critical things you should be thinking about when starting or maintaining your fitness program in the future.


6/5/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 18

Sydney opens up about her recent stresses and what strategies she used to help overcome them. Matt provides 7 proven ways you can help reduce your stress quickly.

5/29/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 17

Matt and Sydney expand on the reasons you need regular exercise to boost your immune system naturally. Also, is the "Open Window" theory true? And should you exercise if you aren't feeling well? For more great immune system tips, check out last weeks podcast episode. Head over to our blog at sunnyhealthfitness.com for more info on how you can help increase your health and fitness.


5/22/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 16

Matt and Sydney discuss 9 ways you can start building a powerful immune system. Stay tuned for next weeks immune system boosting article for more ways to keep your immune system strong. You can check out more great articles at sunnyhealthfitness.com.

5/15/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 15

You may be surprised how effective your workouts can be using everyday household items. In this episode Sydney and Matt discuss the recent household items they have used for their in-home workouts. They also give you valuable info on how much certain house hold items weigh so you can choose the right items to create the most appropriate workout to help you reach your goals.

Common Household Item Weights

Gallon of Water/Milk 8.5 Pounds
5 Gallon Water Jug 42 Pounds
Wine Bottle 2.5 Pounds
Soup Can 1 Pound
Laundry Soup 72 Ounces 5 Pounds
Backpack Filled with Books 20 Pounds
Bag of Dog Food 40 Pounds
Box Wine 5 Liters 11 Pounds
Sand Bag 40 Pounds

5/8/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 14

Sydney and Matt discuss the benefits of cross training and why you should consider adding more variety to your future training programs.


5/1/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 13

Sydney and Matt discuss what gyms might look like as certain areas are reducing quarantine restrictions. They also discuss the value of continuing to use your home gym as the primary resource to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


4/24/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 12

Has your alcohol consumption changed under quarantine? Matt and Sydney talk about alcohol and how it affects your health and fitness in the short term and long term.

4/17/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 11

Sydney talks about her new healthy home cooking. Matt shares his diet habits. We also discuss the "vicious circle of comfort foods", and the POSE strategy for healthy eating behaviors. Get support from Matt and Sydney at the Sunny Health and Fitness Facebook community group!

4/10/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 10

Matt and Sydney discuss Sydneys plans to run a Half Marathon, how to avoid losing your gains, and what happens when you workout with a mask.

4/3/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 9

Matt interviews 3X Tampa Bays best personal trainer Nina Nyiri, on ways you can overcome barriers to your health and fitness success during a life in quarantine. Make sure to follow Nina @nina_nyiri on Instagram where you can find everything from fitness tips to delicious healthy recipes.

3/27/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 8

Sydney and Matt talk about adjusting to quarantine life and how to stay on track with your health and fitness goals during this time of uncertainly.


3/20/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 7

Matt discusses 4 essential steps you need to take for starting and sustaining an effective long lasting exercise program.


3/12/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 6

Sydney and Matt talk about the effectiveness of online workouts and the different variables you should consider before starting a workout video based exercise program.

3/5/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 5

Sydney talks with Olympic Gold Medalist Bryan Clay about what it takes to make it as a top athlete, and how everyday people can implement the same mindset to accomplish their goals.

2/28/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 4

Matt and Sydney share their thoughts on "the most important meal of the day", and whether you should rethink the elimination of morning breakfast meals.


2/20/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 3

Matt continues the interview with Dr. Will Cole about the existence of inflammation in the body and what steps you can take to help fight off the damaging effects of chronic inflammation.

2/13/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 2

Matt interviews leading functional-medicine expert, Dr. Will Cole, about the existence of inflammation in the body. Dr. Cole was named one of the top fifty functional-medicine and integrative doctors in the nation. He specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing health programs for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, and brain problems. Dr. Cole is the author of the book, The Inflammation Spectrum in which he explores how inflammation exists on a spectrum within the body, the various systems it can affect, and how you can discover your individual food triggers to overcome chronic inflammation. He is also the author of Ketotarian in which he melds the powerful benefits of a ketogenic diet with a plant-based one.

2/6/2020 - SEASON 2, EPISODE 1

Sydney and Matt talk with Kriss about whats new for 2020.


11/7/2019 - EPISODE 45

Five Bite diet? Baby Food diet? Tapeworm diet? In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt & Sydney discuss some of the craziest diets they've seen on the internet (and why they may or may not be effective).

This episode will serves as the season closer to 9 to 5 Fitness. We'll resume our regularly scheduled podcast on February 6, 2020. Special Thanks to our cohost Matthew Davidson, Kristina Hansen, Sydney Bueckert, and our show editor & producer Eric Craig.

10/31/2019 - EPISODE 44

What is real weightlifting? In this episode, Matt & Sydney interview a weightlifting coach who has more than 10 years of experience training, competing, and coaching. As an athlete, JP spent the earlier part of his career competing at USAW senior nationals, and one year in the master’s circuit, winning himself a gold medal at the 2017 Masters World Games.


10/24/2019 - EPISODE 43

The end of the year is approaching. Of course that means lots of sweets, heavy meals, and wintertime beverages during the cold months. But all of those delicious things can pack on the pounds if you're not careful. Join Matt & Sydney as they discuss the best strategies to avoid gaining weight during the holiday season (while still enjoying yourself).

10/17/2019 - EPISODE 42

Time is limited. Between rough commutes, demanding jobs, and home life, there isn't a lot of time to workout. But that doesn't mean you can't squeeze in short bursts of exercises to meet the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services' activity guidelines. In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt & Sydney discuss how small sessions of exercise can lead to big benefits for your body.

10/10/2019 - EPISODE 41

We all have different health goals. But one of the best ways to accomplish them is to understand your starting point. You can determine your baseline for this goal through frequent fitness assessments to track your progress. Join Matt, Kriss, and Sydney as they discuss their prior expectations, results, and plan of actions after evaluating recent fitness assessments.


10/3/2019 - EPISODE 40

Are you starting a new fitness routine and wondering where to start? Don't get lost in a never-ending search of rowing machines vs. treadmills. Join Matt, Kriss, and Sydney as they discuss the best exercise equipment for people who are new to fitness. Get a closer look at the trio's equipment recommendations (along with show notes) on our official website.


9/26/2019 - EPISODE 39

After a while, motivation wanes. But just because it happens, doesn't mean it's time to give up. Join Matt & Sydney as they talk about the oddest ways people have maintained motivation on their fitness journey.


9/19/2019 - EPISODE 38

Pizza. Donuts. French fries. There's a reason that these foods—and others—are mouthwatering. However, this craving sensation can often be confused with hunger. In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt, Kriss, & Sydney discuss their experiences with hunger and cravings and how they've learned to tell the difference between the two.

9/12/2019 - EPISODE 37

Yuck! We know. For most of us, eating vegetables can be the hardest part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, they're essential to workout performance and recovery. Join Matt, Kriss, and Sydney as they discuss the scientifically-backed benefits of eating vegetables, and their hacks for seamlessly adding them to their diets.

9/5/2019 - EPISODE 36

Bloated, tired, and cranky. You don't want to workout, do you? Listen to this episode where Kriss and Sydney discover why you may want to change your mind.

8/29/2019 - EPISODE 35

In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt interviews Will Maloney, who has served as a health advisor and #1 ranked trainer for a luxury fitness company. The two fitness experts discuss the importance of—and how to build—a strong foundation in a health and fitness journey.

A bit about Will: He served the strength and conditioning team for Stanford University, and holds multiple professional fitness certifications through the NASM, APEX, NETA, USAW, Precision Nutrition, and Kehttps://www.ptonthenet.com/articles/Sit-and-Reach-Flexibility-Test-3146ttlebell Athletics—among other accolades.


8/22/2019 - EPISODE 34

Want to boost your workout performance? It all starts with diets. Tune in with Matt and Sydney as they discuss the best way to structure your nutrition before your workout—along with what you should avoid.

8/22/2019 - EPISODE 33

The 9 to 5 Fitness podcast is getting bigger! This week we're pleased to introduce Sydney, Sunny Health & Fitness' new in-house fitness instructor. No worries, Matt & Kriss will still be on the podcast, but we've added Sydney for an additional perspective on our fitness topics.

In this episode, you'll learn about Sydney and what she'll bring to the podcast in the coming months.


8/15/2019 - EPISODE 32

We can hardly believe that 9 to 5 Fitness recently surpassed the 30-episode mark at 9 to 5 Fitness—all with your help and support. Join Matt & Kriss as they look back on the 5 most popular 9 to 5 Fitness podcast episodes, and review top takeaways from those episodes.


8/8/2019 - EPISODE 31

Tired of being tired? In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt & Kriss discuss common factors that can cause excessive tiredness throughout the day.


8/1/2019 - EPISODE 30

Want more out of your weekly workout, but don't have a lot of time to add to your routine? Consider adding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to your fitness routine. Join Matt & Kriss in this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness to learn how adding HIIT 2 to 3 times per week can boost your endurance and burn more calories.

7/29/2019 - EPISODE 29

Over the last 5 months, we've worked hard to create the 9 to 5 Fitness podcast, and we hope that you've enjoyed listening to all 28 episodes so far.

But now Matt and Kriss need your help! We're seeking nominations for the Podcast Awards. You can nominate our podcast at: https://www.podcastawards.com/app/signup

If you have enjoyed listening to our show, please consider nominating us for the Health and The People's Choice award categories.


7/25/2019 - EPISODE 28

Have you ever wondered the best way to burn fat? In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt & Kriss explore simple strategies that you can implement to get the most (fat burning) out of your workout.

7/18/2019 - EPISODE 27

Let's be honest: A quick google search or a pretty graphic can answer many of our fitness questions, but that doesn't mean that they're accurate. Join Matt & Kriss as they discuss common myths associated with body types, body shaping, and detoxing.

7/11/2019 - EPISODE 26

In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt & Kriss discuss the role of willpower in your fitness journey and the motivation behind it.

7/5/2019 - EPISODE 25

Do you really need to drink 8 glasses of water a day to maintain your health? The simple answer yes, but the better answer is that you likely need more than that. Join Matt & Kriss as they discuss how much water you really need, the effects of not drinking enough water, and the factors that determine how much water you need.

6/27/2019 - EPISODE 24

Protein isn't just for bodybuilders; It's for everyone. The macronutrient is important for skin repair, hair growth, enzyme production, and other essential bodily functions. But do you eat enough of it? In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt & Kriss discuss how to determine how much protein your body needs and the benefits you'll experience if you eat enough of it.

6/20/2019 - EPISODE 23

Training for a marathon when you're working can be hard. But it's not impossible. In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Kriss interviews Matt and Joe, two 9-to-5-ers, who underwent a 4-month training program to run 26.2 miles (approximately 45,000 steps). Tune in to learn their training secrets, running experience, previous and future thoughts on running, and how they fit it all after work.


6/13/2019 - EPISODE 22

Have you ever considered adding supplements to your diet? In this episode, Matt & Kriss discuss research-backed performance supplements, common vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and when you actually need to take supplements.

6/6/2019 - EPISODE 21

Did you know that lower back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain can often be linked to poor sitting and standing habits? If you work—in an office or outdoors—all day, Matt & Kriss have tips to help maintain an ergonomic work style. Tune in to learn about risk factors for pain, tools to relieve and curve pain, and the importance ergonomics in your work place.

5/30/2019 - EPISODE 20

At some point of our lives, we may have considered a diet to help us reach our weight or performance goals. Join Matt & Kriss as they discuss the effectiveness of popular diets that include fasting, carb-restriction, and protein building.

5/23/2019 - EPISODE 19

Should you still workout even when you feel fatigued? Does exercise improve sleep quality? How much can sleep deprivation affect your workout performance? In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt and two special guests discuss their experiences with stress, fatigue, and sleep deprivation, and its impact on their workout routines.

5/23/2019 - EPISODE 18

Join Matt as he interviews weight-lifting 9-to5-er Jenna. Most recently, Jenna has worked in employee relations and enjoys movements ranging from Latin dance to resistance training. Matt asks Jenna about her experience on how she stay on track with her weight training, maintains workout motivation, and builds long-term health and fitness goals.


5/16/2019 - EPISODE 17

You've spoken and we've heard. This week we're answering some fitness questions that were sent straight to our Facebook Page. Join Matt & Kriss to learn about energy-boosting techniques, avoiding injuries, and stretching.


5/9/2019 - EPISODE 16

We know it can be hard to watch your food intake at work. From coworkers planning lunch outings to simply forgetting your lunch, staying on a nutrition plan can feel next to impossible. Tune in to join Matt and Kriss discussion of their favorite healthy eating habits that they incorporate at work.

5/2/2019 - EPISODE 15

At Sunny, May is the start of Muscle Mayhem, where we're producing tons of content on resistance training. In this episode, fitness expert Matt talks with instructor and strength and conditioning coach Alex Dorado. Tune in to learn about the do's and don’ts of resistance training, beginner's tips for weight lifting, and the general benefits of adding this type of training to your fitness routine.


5/2/2019 - EPISODE 14

Looking for creative ways to fit in exercise at work? Matt and guest host Eric discuss quick exercise routines, desk accessories, and exercise equipment that you can use to burn extra calories between your meetings.

4/25/2019 - EPISODE 13

In this episode, Matt & Kriss breakdown the complexity of calories. Learn the importance of counting calories, burning them with exercise, and the truth behind negative calories.

4/18/2019 - EPISODE 12

Is spot reduction really possible? Is it okay to work out on an empty stomach? Should you stretch before you exercise? In this episode Matt & Kriss weigh common fitness myths against peer-reviewed research. Visit our website to check out our show notes for more info on our research.

4/11/2019 - EPISODE 11

If you're looking to boost your workout routine by starting (or adding to your) home gym, then you're in luck. In-house fitness expert Matt discusses his 10 favorite pieces of fitness equipment that you can add to your home gym.

4/4/2019 - EPISODE 10

In this bonus episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt interviews Janelle, a recreational runner who loves to race, cycle, swim, and strength train. And the best part? She fits this all in before her work shifts (and on weekends, too). Tune in to learn about Janelle's secrets on overcoming time to actively work on her health and fitness. You can also follow Janelle's ongoing fitness journey on her Instagram page @run4daysss.


4/4/2019 - EPISODE 9

Have you ever been on a fitness journey and wondered if you're doing the right exercises to reach your fitness goals? In this episode, Matt and Kriss discuss the importance of exercise programming in your fitness routine, and how you should properly evaluate challenge, length, and frequency when developing an individual plan.

3/28/2019 - EPISODE 8

You've spoken and we’ve heard. In this episode, Matt and Kriss explore questions asked by 9 to 5 Fitness listeners. Join us to learn about myths, ways to stay fit while working in the office, and preventing motivation decline. Have a question you want answered? Visit our website, read our show notes, or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.


3/22/2019 - EPISODE 7

When it comes to fitness, two benefits that may come to mind are weight loss and performance gains. But what if we told you that you can get a lot more out of fitness? Join Matt and Kriss as they discuss how exercise can improve brain function, increase bone mass, and reduce the effects of aging.

3/19/2019 - EPISODE 6

In this episode, we're exploring 9 to 5 fitness with fitness and nutrition coach Tim Liu. With over 10 years of experience, Liu has made it his mission to help busy professionals and executives lose fat, build muscle, and gain confidence without having to live in the gym. Join us as Tim shares how he helps his busy clients get fit with tailored exercise strategies. Visit us on our website to view the show notes, and to learn more about Tim Liu, or visit www.timliufitness.com.

3/13/2019 - EPISODE 5

So, you’re finally ready to workout. You’ve got your equipment, your motivation, and even some time. But how do you make sure that you avoid injury during your workout program? This week Matt and Kris discuss 4 things you’ll need to evaluate before your workout to keep yourself safe.

3/6/2019 - EPISODE 4

So maybe you got some equipment to fit your space safely and comfortably, you have found your “WHY” and you have more motivation than ever before, but how do you choose the right workout plan? In this episode we explain the best ways to evaluate your current workout goals, fitness equipment and training routine.

2/27/2019 - EPISODE 3

Getting exercise equipment and making time for fitness is easy but staying motivated can be difficult. In this episode, Matt & Kriss talk about the importance of motivation in any workout routine, strategy, or plan. But finding motivation to become more fit, isn't as simple as identifying goals. Consider the reason for yours goals, develop a plausible accountability system to maintain your strategy, and be sure to make rewards to go through your strategy.

2/27/2019 - EPISODE 2

Is space stopping you from working out? In this episode, Matt and Kriss discuss cardio- and strength-based exercises and equipment for every kind of room in your house. Think about your available space: A free corner in a guest room, a bedroom, living room, or garage. From bodyweight exercises to treadmills, there is always something that you’re able to do to reach your personal fitness goals.

2/27/2019 - EPISODE 1

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to find time to work out. But with a few slight adjustments to your schedule, you’ll be working out in no time. Health professionals suggest at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. Break it up into multiple days. Take a hard look at your schedule for “time-wasting” activities. Know your limits. Create a plan of action. Take small steps. And actively adjust your workout plan to keep moving forward.


2/21/2019 - TRAILER

Welcome to 9 to 5 Fitness (presented by Sunny Health and Fitness), a podcast about how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into a busy work week. Meet fitness expert Matt, and your average 9-to-5er Kriss, who will host weekly discussions on starting, building, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle—with a busy work schedule in mind.

Our first episode drops Thursday, March 7, 2019. We'll release weekly episodes after that.