30 Day Running Challenge For Beginners & New Runners

Get started running as a beginner in this 30 day running challenge - from program details and a calendar schedule to useful tips to help new runners like you.


Health & Wellness

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Let's take the first step to get lean and fit as older adults and seniors. Learn how to exercise with bodyweight workouts no matter how old you are!
Prepare to feel uber motivated. I've interviewed your favorite Sunny Trainers. Learn how they use positive self-talk and thinking to gain workout motivation.
Find the best advice to train and run your first 5K using treadmill. Use these tips and 5K training runs to your 5K training plan at home or running outside.
When you feel pain during your daily routine tasks, learn how to add a mobility routine to your workout training to help manage and reduce your aches and pains.
Dive into how wellness improves happiness, business, and work. Recognize and promote wellness that improves your organization's happiness and health at work.
Learn three reasons why you may develop back pain after workouts. See what you can do now to alleviate & ease your back pain with simple home exercises.
Learn the top 6 tips for making real progress from years of experience working with clients; these tips will help you put your fitness goals into action.
Let me debunk the term "toning" muscle and discuss the difference between toning and building muscle, and guide you with better ways to achieve results.
Learn how to beat your personal record by assessing your recovery processes, regulating training intensity, and varying your exercises.
Learn how to find space in your house for a home gym substitute. Explore where Sunny customers keep their bikes to inspire you with creative home gym ideas!