Creative Home Gym Inspo: Sunny Customers Showcase Inspirational Bike Ideas

Learn how to find space in your house for a home gym substitute.

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Creative Home Gym Inspo: Sunny Customers Showcase Inspirational Bike Ideas

Home-gyms have taken the country by storm for over a year now. People were looking to stay active after many gyms and training studios closed. It was a crazy time as fitness equipment was scarce and hard to come by. With little to no equipment, bodyweight workouts were all the craze for much of 2020.

As time progressed and the supply chain improved, fitness equipment started arriving at people's doors all over the country. The home-fitness revolution had begun, which presented a new challenge. How do you find space in your residence for a home gym substitute? Coming from the northeast, our home with a basement gave us another level for storage and space. This is where our home gym equipment lived and sometimes collected dust. Now living on the west coast without this extra level of space, we need to be extra strategic about organizing our residence.

Exercise bikes are one the most popular type of home gym equipment given their small footprint, ease of use, safety, and effectiveness. Here at Sunny, we love our cycle bikes, and our customers sure do too. The basement, living room, office, bedroom, backyard, or anything else in between are all beautiful places to store and ride your Sunny bike. So let's explore where Sunny customers keep their bikes to inspire you and highlight some excellent home gyms!

Leonardo de Vinci once said, "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Sunny bikes are sleek and modern looking and accent a room nicely. Tight on space? These customers added their Sunny bike right into their living room and bedrooms.

Simply adding your bike to an already decorated space highlights your dedication to health and wellbeing. The display and position of the bike in your room acts as another piece of furniture. Essentially, it helps blend the bike into your life. Furniture and accents like a couch, television, coffee table, lamps, paintings, etc., are everyday things found in living rooms. Each piece functions to provide value in the space and adds comfort, entertainment, artistic display, and light to the area. So why can't your bike add to this list? A bike is more than just a metal frame, flywheel, and pedals. The existence of this equipment in your room is a highly functional piece of decor that is a vessel for pushing your body to new limits and self-improvement.

When your form of exercise is out in a frequently visited space like the living, bedroom, or kitchen, you are constantly walking by and looking at your equipment.

This visual cue brings awareness to the equipment and serves as a fantastic reminder to exercise and sweat! It is hard to ignore something that you walk by and see daily. We have all been there when we contemplate skipping our workout and feel the bike's aura and presence in the room, making us second guess this decision.

Check out these Sunny customer's simplistic and sleek living room gyms. As I said at the beginning of this article, the home gym revolution has begun! And for Sunny customers everywhere, designing their home gym has been a dream come true. It can be challenging to sequester these different activities when multiple things occur in the same room. Creating a room solely comprised of exercise equipment is that space to focus on your workout, free of distractions. It can be easy to lose focus on your workout when other diversions like television, work, or food may be in your sight.

This separation between relaxation, work, and exercise is vital for many people. Contrary to what I said earlier, seeing your bike in your living room may not allow you to relax and recharge. Each room of our residence represents different activities that occur. The living room is for leisure and entertainment while the office is for work and focus commonly. Adding a bike to these spaces for exercise and health can blur the lines between what these rooms mean.

This is why home gyms are a great space to have separate from other rooms in your house. The garage, basement, or backyard are ideal spaces for your place of exercise and wellbeing. Here are some great ways to design, build, and outfit your home gym with a Sunny bike.

Google: Where should I store my Sunny bike?

Answer: Whichever room works best for you!

Our Sunny bikes fit just about everywhere. Where you want the bike to live is up to you and your living space. Our bikes blend right in with the decor in any living area or function effectively in any home gym setting. Do you have a Sunny bike that looks great in your space? Send us a picture!


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