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Top 11 Exercise Tips if You Have a Busy Schedule

If you have the right exercise tips for people with busy schedules, there’s no reason you can’t meet and exceed...

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Top 12 Mobility Exercises to Do at Your Desk

Working at a desk makes it easy to get stuck in a chair for long periods which can lead to...

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How Workplace Wellness Improves Your Business & Work Life Happiness

Dive into how wellness improves happiness, business, and work. Recognize and promote wellness that improves your organization's happiness and health...

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3 Ways to Boost Energy at Work

Sometimes all the coffee in the world can’t save you from that post-lunch office slump. If you’re feeling drained at...

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6 of the Best Office Exercises to Do at Your Desk

If you’re like most 9-5er’s, you spend the majority of your day slouching over your computer, totally sedentary. You may...

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Podcast Interview: Fitting in Fitness Around Work

In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt interviews Janelle, a recreational runner who loves to race, cycle, swim,...

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Stay Active At Your 9-to-5 Job

It’s a new year to become better. But when you are working for a majority of your day, it can...

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