Top Calorie-Burning Cycle Bike Workouts

Cycling is one of the best ways to get the blood pumping and achieve a high-calorie burn while working out.

Sometimes all the coffee in the world can’t save you from that post-lunch office slump. If you’re feeling drained at the office, there are plenty of things you can do to boost your energy.

If you’re like most 9-5er’s, you spend the majority of your day slouching over your computer, totally sedentary. You may find yourself so engrossed in your work (or stressed) you forget to take bathroom breaks.

In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt interviews Janelle, a recreational runner who loves to race, cycle, swim, and strength train. And the best part? She fits this all in before her work shifts (and on weekends, too).

It’s a new year to become better. But when you are working for a majority of your day, it can be extremely difficult to squeeze in that workout. However, Sunny Health and Fitness has some amazing products that will help you stay active at your 9 to 5.