International Women's Day Sale

To celebrate and recognize the strides women have made in the fitness industry, we have put together a special flash sale event. Deals end 3/8, 11:59pm.

We’re Back! The Sunny Health and Fitness team will return early February 2020 for the second season of the 9 to 5 Fitness Podcast. Our podcast was nominated for the Podcast Awards last year.

After a while, motivation wanes. But just because it happens, doesn't mean it's time to give up. Join Matt & Sydney as they talk about the oddest ways people have maintained motivation on their fitness journey.

Have you ever wondered the best way to burn fat? In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt & Kriss explore simple strategies that you can implement to get the most (fat burning) out of your workout.

In this episode of 9 to 5 Fitness, Matt interviews Janelle, a recreational runner who loves to race, cycle, swim, and strength train. And the best part? She fits this all in before her work shifts (and on weekends, too).

We understand that everyone doesn’t have time to sit down and read articles on fitness. So, why not take fitness advice on the go during your commute? This past February, we’ve launched a new fitness-based podcast for people that have a busy work week.