New Year New You 2022: Workout Plan for a Healthy Life

Hello Sunny fam, and welcome to week one of the New Year New You 2022 Fitness Challenge. Our New Year New You Program is designed to make 2022 your best year yet!


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I will introduce the benefits of workout selfies and how you can use your gym photos to fuel your fitness goals. Snap pictures of your beautiful selves today.
Do not lose motivation and chalk the vacation up as a fitness loss. Learn the guidelines to help you stay active and work out while on vacation.
The official start of summer is June 20, 2021. Learn about what the first day of summer 2021 means for your fitness goals and how to inspire yourself.
For many, the new year is a fresh start and an exciting time to set some goals for self-improvement.
Sometimes all the coffee in the world can’t save you from that post-lunch office slump. If you’re feeling drained at the office, there are plenty of things you...
If you’re struggling to stay on track with your fitness goals amidst social distancing and gyms closing, you’re not alone.
Creating a sustainable exercise routine isn’t just about making sure you get in your workouts and are being mindful about your food choices.
We’re one month into the year - how are your New Year’s Resolutions going? If your answer is something to the effect of ‘not so great’, you’re not alone.
Sometimes even the best intentions like a packed gym bag, or a clearly scheduled calendar aren’t enough to get you to the gym. Unfortunately, most of the time,...
Are you ready to start a fitness journey? Starting something new can be incredibly exciting but also intimidating. We’ve organized our top tips to help make your...