Embrace the Joy of Exercise

Embrace the Joy of Exercise

As a society, we can get caught up in chasing the new fad diets and shedding as much weight as possible. We sometimes forget that the goal is to be happy and healthy first. Exercise shouldn’t be about burning all the calories you ate, it’s about improving your cardio and skeletal health, so you can live a long-lasting life. If we focused more on the way we feel, than the number on the scale, our fitness journey just might be more fun.

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Embracing the joy of exercise is feeling the endorphins in your body after a tough workout and feeling accomplished when you achieve a new goal. Remember, your goals don’t need to lose 50 pounds and run a 4 minute mile! Your goals can be as simple as exercising 3-5 times per week for 45 minutes a day. Or even mini-goals, like taking the stairs, stretching before you start the day, and eating a serving of veggies daily.

Whatever your goals, remember that your happiness is what matter most!

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