Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

Workouts for weight loss are continually desired by many who are trying to shed unwanted pounds to improve health, fitness, and physique. Performing frequent cardiovascular training can help you burn significant amounts of calories to help you tap into your undesired fat stores. The more calories your body burns, the higher the chance you will use fat stores as fuel. While you don’t need to exercise to lose weight, the combination of healthy diet, caloric restriction, and exercise has been proven to be more effective(1) when accelerated weight loss is desired. But how can you determine which workouts are best for you? The answer is simple but can be difficult to implement. You need to find an activity you can consistently perform every week, multiple times per week, without getting burned out or injured. Consistency is the key to longterm weight loss success. To help you determine which cardio workouts are best for weight loss, I have provided six different workouts you can start incorporating as cardio workouts for weight loss today. If you don’t have any equipment, you can start with some walking and bodyweight training while you consider which exercise machine to purchase or are waiting for your product to arrive.

Walking, Jogging, and Running for Weight Loss

Walking, jogging, and running are all great forms of exercise that can help you increase your cardiovascular health and help you burn calories. If you plan on walking, I recommend 30 minutes every day. For running or jogging, I recommend 2-3 times per week plus walking on the other days. Check out the treadmill workout below for a great example of how to burn calories using one of our great treadmills. No matter what form of exercise you choose, it is important to select a treadmill that will give you the performance and features you need to meet and exceed your goals. Check out the Sunny Health & Fitness website for more great treadmills.

30 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout for Beginners

Cycling for Weight Loss

Cycling workouts are great for burning calories and are low impact. While simply hopping on your bike and starting a casual ride will help you burn calories, you will want to get some instruction on how you can safely and optimally enhance your calorie burning potential. We have a full cycling workouts ready for all fitness levels on our YouTube channel. Click the link to the workout playlist and give it a try. If you are looking for other ways to maximize your cycling workouts, check out different ways to ride.

Rowing for Weight Loss

Rowing is a great full body low impact workout that can help you burn significant amounts of calories while helping you develop the muscles in your legs, core, arms, back, and shoulders. If you are new to rowing, I would advise you spend a few weeks working on your rowing stroke form. Once you feel comfortable with the rowing stroke motion, you can dive into more intense workouts. We have a comprehensive rowing technique article and some great rowing workouts that can help you get started.

Pyramid Intervals Workout

Elliptical Training For Weight Loss

If you prefer exercising while standing, then an elliptical might meet your needs. These machines make it possible to pack a stationary cardio exercise in a relatively compact machine. On an elliptical you can perform striding motions in a controlled position that can reduce impact on knees while you exercise. While striding activates muscles in the lower body, holding on to the full-motion handlebars can stimulate muscles in your upper body, specifically in your chest and arms.

Ultimate 20 Minute Elliptical Workout

Cardio Stepper Workouts For Weight Loss

When you climb stairs, you use one leg to lift your body to the next step. Muscles throughout your hips, thighs, and lower leg activate to perform this movement. However, you can burn a significant number of calories over time when you repeat this movement. If you’re looking for a quick and simple workout that’s similar to stair climbing, consider adding a stepper into your workout routine.

15 Min HIIT Step Workout (Aerobic Step)

20 Min Calorie-Burning Upper Body Stepper Workout

Cardio Resistance Training For Weight Loss

Weight training with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, or weight machines are all great options to choose when looking to build some calorie-burning muscle. You can see results from as little as one to two resistance training sessions per week. If you are new to resistance training, start with one or two sets of 15 repetitions per set for each major muscle group. Start with a light weight first and focus on good form before increasing the weight and number of sets you perform. Check out our YouTube channel for more in-depth instruction and full length follow-along workouts. If you desire more calorie burning focused resistance training, click on the link below to see if dumbbell HIIT training is a good option for you to add to your weekly exercise routine.

15 Min Full Body Dumbbell HIIT Workout



(1) “Diet, Exercise or Diet With Exercise: Comparing The Effectiveness Of Treatment Options For Weight-Loss And Changes In Fitness For Adults (18–65 Years Old) Who Are Overfat, Or Obese; Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis”. US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 2015, Accessed 10 August. 2020.

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