Have You Heard Our New Fitness Podcast?

We understand that everyone doesn’t have time to sit down and read articles on fitness.

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Have You Heard Our New Fitness Podcast?

We understand that everyone doesn’t have time to sit down and read articles on fitness. So, why not take fitness advice on the go during your commute?

This past February, we’ve launched a new fitness-based podcast for people that have a busy work week. Dubbed 9 to 5 Fitness Podcast, we’ve designed it around quick and concise health and fitness information. We answer questions and tear down obstacles that might prevent you from working out.

From finding time and motivation, to selecting the right equipment and exercise program, you will find all that and more by tuning into our weekly podcast. You can find our podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Music, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

Here’s a quick roundup of our first five episodes. You can also check out our most recent episodes on our website.


Episode One: Who Has Time to Work Out?

This might be the number one limiting factor for those who just can’t seem to make progress towards their health and fitness goals. So many things fill out schedules and pop up unannounced that it is almost impossible to carve out a few minutes to work on our bodies. Fortunately, there are way to find time. You may have to be a bit creative or make a few sacrifices, but the minutes are there if you have the motivation to reprioritize exercise into your daily life. Walking meetings, under desk ellipticals, exercise ball chairs, lunch walks, and in-home exercise equipment are all ways that people have infused their busy schedules with precious minutes of activity to help create a more active lifestyle.


Episode Two: Fitness Equipment? I Don’t Have Room for That!

Most pieces of traditional commercial fitness equipment are large, expensive, and heavy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t equip your home with these oversized workout machines, you just might have a hard time creating a comfortable workout space in your home if you have not dedicated space in your living area. Fortunately, there are many other options for in-home fitness equipment that have a surprisingly low footprint and come with convenient storage and transportation options. Mini steppers, Row n Riders, Kettlebells, ab benches, pull up bars, and dip stations are all space saving equipment options that can help you find the room to make your perfect home gym.


Episode Three: I’m Not Motivated to Work Out

Guess what? So are many other people. It’s hard to argue against the proven health benefits of regular exercise, or the increase in mortality rate in those who don’t meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity. Turns out there are many other motivational strategies people use to get in shape. And if living longer isn’t one of them, think about a wedding, reunion, summer vacation, or competitive event that might get you up off your couch and back in action. Motivation is important and critical to sustaining an effective workout routine, strategy, or plan.


Episode Four: What Workouts Should I Do?

Tired of all of the gimmicky workouts that you see on TV? Me too. The problem is that is rare to find a “new” program that can give you exponentially more benefits than proven methods for increasing health and fitness that have been known for decades. Take baby steps and develop healthy consistent habits before jumping into a new workout that promises you a rock-solid body. So just focus on being the best version of yourself.


Episode Five: How Do I Stay Safe Working Out?

There are two reasons people fail to keep up a regular fitness routine: The first is motivation, and the second is injury. An injured body cannot perform optimally and if it is pushed beyond its capabilities, it will break and fail to heal which will cause long-term—if not permanent—damage. This will limit your ability to enjoy the same activities over your lifespan. If you’re not sure what your limits are, take it slow and increase the intensity or difficulty of your routine carefully. While we may think we need to train like an Olympian or navy seal to get in the best shape, simpler methods can be just as effective.


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