Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

Workouts for weight loss are continually desired by many who are trying to shed unwanted pounds to improve health, fitness, and physique.

Creating a sustainable exercise routine isn’t just about making sure you get in your workouts and are being mindful about your food choices.

Every time I have suggested to someone that they should complete a personal health journal I communicate that to do so is not to write down every detail of their health and fitness life forever.

With Daylight saving ending and the holiday season starting, it’s a good time to revisit the benefits quality sleep. Building a proper sleep schedule can help you build your workout performance, health, and recovery time.

Odds are that many of you have experienced a lack of sleep. Late nights, early mornings, or poor sleep environment are just some of the many things that may prevent you from getting enough rest.

Daylight saving time is just around the corner, so you can snag an extra hour of sleep during the coveted weekend. So, what can an extra hour of sleep do for your workout performance, anyway?