October 7th, 2022 | 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT

Join us and your Sunny Trainer James as he instructs this LIVE treadmill workout set for October 7, 2022 at 4PM PDT / 7PM EST. Come run with him as he uses the SunnyFit® app to do a virtual run through Dresden Germany! Lass uns laufen! 👊🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

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Previously Live on September 23, 2022

Put the pedal to the metal with a free LIVE cycle workout Friday (9/23) @ 4:00 pm PDT / 7:00 pm EDT with Sunny Trainer Luis Cervantes. Be warned Luis will be working you to the core by having you adjust your RPM and resistance based on your answers to questions he asks 😈

Join Sunny Star Coach Luis Cervantes in his 15-minute cycling workout designed for you! He’ll be your guide through this heart-pumping, booty-burning cycle workout.


Previously Live on September 9, 2022

Put your mind and body to the test with an exclusive LIVE Mini Stepper workout Friday (9/09) @ 4:00 pm PDT / 7:00 pm EDT with Sunny Trainer Wendie Weldon. Wendie is a certified personal trainer with a passion for endurance workouts, she isn't afraid to get sweaty! So grab a towel, some water, your Mini Stepper. Click that bell icon so you never miss a live workout again!


Previously Live on August 19, 2022:

Part 2:

No equipment? No problem! Join us for an exclusive live bodyweight workout this Friday (8/19) @ 4:00pm PDT / 7:00pm EDT with Sunny Trainer James King III. As an added bonus, he’ll demonstrate how to maximize the benefits of the Sunny stretch machine. Be ready to sweat, go to YouTube and click that reminder bell – you won’t regret it.


Previously Live on August 3, 2022:

Are you new to working out with Kettlebells? We got you covered! Join us for an interactive kettlebell workout with Coach Sam Candler on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022, at 4:00 PM PDT / 7:00 PM PDT

Sam is an experienced trainer with vast knowledge of cardio and strength. She will go over proper technique, form, common mistakes, and more tips for using the kettlebell.


Previously Live on May 16, 2022:

Join us for a 20-minute Interactive Cardio Workout with Coach Sam Candler. Sam will be working out with a treadmill but you can also join in using an elliptical or bike, you will just have to adjust your RPM or Resistance.

Sam is an experienced runner with vast knowledge of both outdoor and indoor running. She will go over proper technique, form, common mistakes, and more tips for using treadmills. 


Previously Live on April 18, 2022:

Join us to learn all about our new SunnyFit® app and the new Smart Fitness Collection.

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Previously Live on March 25, 2022:


Live resistance band workout is here to spice up your day with Sunny Trainer Wendie Weldon!

Learn Trainer Wendie's top 10 favorite resistance band exercises and their great benefits. 


Previously Live on February 25, 2022:


Join us on our first live workout ever, led by fitness trainer James King III. Let's sweat! 


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