New Year New You, Workout A: Bodyweight and Hiit Training

New Year New You, Workout A: Bodyweight and Hiit Training

This is one of three workouts that can be completed on any Workout Day on your New Year, New You calendar. In this workout, you will perform combination of high-intensity interval training and bodyweight training to help you burn maximal calories over the 60-minute workout. Exercises 3 through 5 are to be performed as a circuit.

Complete the first set of body weight squats before moving on to pushups. After you complete the first set of front planks, start the second set of bodyweight squats. Exercise type, time, sets, reps, rest, intensity, and instructions can all be found on the workout card.

You may choose to perform this workout multiple times a week, but it would be best to utilize one or two of the other workouts to avoid overuse of the muscles. If you do choose to do workout A three times in one week, it is advised that you complete workouts B and C the following week to avoid overworking the muscle groups involved in workout A.

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