Strategies To Keep Your Resolution

We’ve all been down the New Year’s resolution road one time or another.

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Strategies To Keep Your Resolution

We’ve all been down the New Year’s resolution road one time or another. And we all know how hard it can be to make lasting changes throughout the year. If you are considering making a New Year’s resolution this year, we’ve listed 5 strategies that will set you up for success.


Strategy #1: Throw out The Term “New Year’s Resolution”

The term “New Year’s resolution” is infamously associated with broken promises and half-baked attempts at self-improvement. So, when February and March come along, the resolutions that started in January have often times be long forgotten. Instead of committing to a resolution, consider making a lifestyle change. Good habits make for good goals.


Strategy #2: Set a Big Goal

Don’t limit your success to the new year. Fitness-based goals often take time, so don’t be dismayed if you don’t reach your initial goals during the first few months of the new year. Instead of aiming for major weight loss and trying to drastically change your lifestyle at the start of the year, make a small goal that you know you can accomplish. Accomplishing small goals over a longer period will give you a better shot at accomplishing your main goal in the long run.


Strategy #3: Reach out for Support

Don’t keep your lifestyle change to yourself. Let people know that you are making changes to your health and fitness. If others know your trying to make changes, they can make good accountability partners. Post your progress on social media, recruit gym buddies, and ask family and friends to join you in making small health and fitness goals.


Strategy #4: Plan Your Journey Beyond the New Year

Look at the big picture when planning lifestyle changes. Mark holidays or vacation days that might interfere with your workouts. Set small goals to accomplish each month. If your goals are to lose 30 pounds over 6 months, then your monthly goal would be 5 pounds a month. Plan big, but take small steps.


Strategy #5: Be Flexible

Odds are that life will throw some curve balls at you. But if you have given yourself enough time throughout the year, you should have enough time to bounce back and get back on track with your program. Maybe you want to change your routine or adjust your nutrition. If something isn’t working as effectively as you thought, you have time to adjust and try a different approach.


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