Fit Tips To Help You Enjoy the Holidays

Let’s face it.

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Fit Tips To Help You Enjoy the Holidays

Let’s face it. The holidays can be the most stressful part of the year. Balancing family, finances and shopping for the perfect gift can be so overwhelming you can’t help but feel stressed out! Sunny Health and Fitness wants to give you a couple tips on how to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle to help you through the holiday season.

  1. Shop Early! Waiting last minute can really increase your stress levels. If you are strapped on time, shop online. If you are on a budget or not sure what to get family members, check out this nifty list that Sunny Health and Fitness came up with to help you shop on a budget for the holidays!
  2. Stay Active – Maintaining an active lifestyle might see impossible during the holiday hustle and bustle, but it is completely achievable. Treat yourself and purchase an under desk elliptical to burn calories while at the office. While shopping, park in a distant location to avoid parking stress and challenge yourself to walk. Additionally, opt out of the elevator and try using the stairs. You can also do a 20 minute kettlebell workout.
  3. Stress Relieving Stretches – Here are five stretches you can do before you start your day to help de-stress and maintain energy for the long day! Check em' out!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help this holiday season. Write realistic holiday and fitness goals and keep them close at hand. Have a great holiday! You can also follow Sunny’s social media for more fitness tips you can follow for the whole year!


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