How to Assemble: SF-B1002 Belt Drive Cycle Bike



This video will show you how to assemble your Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Cycle Bike SF-B1002. You will find the necessary tools, hardware package, and user manual included in your package.


0:00​ | Intro
0:07​ | Step 1: Remove rear shipping block
0:15​ | Repeat same process for front shipping block
0:19​ | Step 2: Attach front stabilizer with screws and allen wrench
0:53​ | Attach rear stabilizer with screws and allen wrench
1:15​ | Step 3: Hand screw in left pedal into left crank arm counter-clockwise
1:20​ | Tighten with wrench until screw exits threading hole
1:31​ | Tighten left nylon nut clockwise to end of threading
1:42​ | Hand screw in right pedal into right crank arm clockwise
1:47​ | Tighten with wrench until screw exits threading hole
1:59​ | Tighten right nylon nut counter-clockwise to end of threading
2:17​ | Step 4: Remove 2 screws and washers
2:27​ | Re-screw 2 screws and 2 washers to place bottle holder
2:48​ | Step 5: Remove seat post adjustment knob
2:54​ | Slide in seat post and reattach adjustment knob
3:03​ | Remove seat slide rail adjustment knob
3:08​ | Insert seat slide rail and fasten with adjustment knob
3:20​ | Fasten seat to seat slider with spanner and wrench
3:40​ | Loosen nuts to adjust seat if needed
3:54​ | Step 6: Loosen handlebar adjustment knob
4:01​ | Slide in handlebar post and tighten adjustment knob
4:08​ | Secure handlebar with 2 screws and 2 washers
4:20​ | Tighten with allen wrench


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