New Year New Me: Workout Calendar

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New Year New Me: Workout Calendar

Starting on January 1, you can use your New Year, New You calendar to track your goals and activities during our 30-day fitness program (you can find the calendar attached on the bottom of this article).

We designed the New year, New You calendar to be used as a workout routine template, kickstarting your fitness routine. We’ve devoted each day to maximize your progress during the 30-day program.

On each workout day, you can attempt any of our provided workout cards or any other exercise that you feel comfortable performing. Remember that the workout days on this template are not fixed. You can move the workout days to accommodate your schedule. However, we advise that you do not complete the same workout on consecutive days.

For example, if you decide to workout on Monday and Tuesday, do not use the same workout card on both days. Each workout card is geared toward working a specific muscle group. Choose another workout card to avoid overworking the same muscle groups. If you do decide to complete the same workout card more than two times during a week, reserve at least one day in between workout session to promote proper muscle recovery.

We suggest that you perform light cardio and stretches on days between heavy activity, since light cardio and stretches will not stress your muscle as intensely. We also suggest reserving at least one to two rest days per week, depending on your activity level. Instead of resting, you can choose to perform low-intensity cardio, or any other light activity.

We have reserved three days for progress checks during the 30-day program. You’ll find these on January 11, January 25, and a final progress check on February 1, the day after the end of the program. Progress checks are optional, but they will give you an opportunity to check your weight loss (or loss of inches). You can also use these progress checks to reevaluate your workout schedules or adjust the intensity of your exercises.

Want an extra boost of accountability during your New Year, New You program? We’ve developed special mailing list just for this program, where you can receive weekly updates, advice, and strategies from our in-house fitness instructor. Interested? Sign Up Below.


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