A New Fitness Workout For A New Year

A New Fitness Workout For A New Year

At the start of 2019, we’re trying something different. We’ve constructed an entirely new fitness program just for you. It’s called New Year, New You, a 30-day comprehensive fitness program that we designed to assist you in reaching your weight loss-based fitness goals.

This 30-day program is more than just a fitness calendar. We’ve published original articles, workouts, tips, and strategies to help you in your journey to improve your wellbeing. We’ve focused on ways you can increase your energy, cardiovascular strength, flexibility, and balance—as well as strategies to reduce your overall body fat. Over the next 30 days, you can use this program to track your goals and tackle new fitness challenges.

When we created this program, we wanted to make it as personal as possible. The calendar isn’t fixed, so you can reorder days to fit your individual schedule. We also understand that not everyone has access to a robust in-home gym. Each workout is primarily designed around using your body alone to burn as many calories as possible. However, you’re welcome to boost your workout performance with in-home exercise equipment and accessories.

Our printable fitness tracker is simple but powerful. Using our 30-day program, you can try our three original workouts that we designed to help you burn substantial calories while also increasing your cardiovascular performance. We’ve even developed a list of tips to help you undertake major lifestyle factors that may inhibit body fat loss.

You can access New Year, New You anytime on the Sunny Health & Fitness website. We’ve made a custom article category just for this program, which holds all of the New Year, New Me related content. You can check this out and bookmark it here.

If you’re looking to boost your accountability during this 30-day program, we’ve started a mailing list to last the duration of the program. Subscribe to our New Year, New You mailing list below to receive fitness advice, strategies, and motivations from our in-house fitness instructor once a week during the  course of the 30-day program.

Welcome to New Year, New You, a fitness program designed to help you jumpstart your fitness routine.

—The Sunny Health & Fitness Team

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