October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual campaign that brings attention to a disease that claims the lives of nearly 42,000 women every year. Around the world, women have a 13 percent chance of being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. It’s the most common cancer found in women in the United States, ranking as the second leading cause of cancer-related death, just behind lung cancer.

For decades companies, individuals, and cancer-fighting organizations have partnered together to bring awareness to the disease by continually funding research for a cure. Often in October, you’ll find more instances of people wearing, posting, painting, or buying pink in support for breast cancer awareness. It’s not by accident.

If you’re a supporter, survivor, or a friend of a survivor, there are many ways that you can help support the fight against breast cancer.


Several organizations collect money to fund promising breast cancer research. If you’re looking for a way to donate, try to find a local chapter or organization that supports breast cancer research to fight for the people in your community.

You can also partner with larger organizations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., American Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Susan G. Komen to help fund research for breast cancer. Regardless of your donations, each of these organizations offer free information on how to support causes locally, nationally, and internationally. You’ll also find free brochures, powerful survivor stories, and several ways to get involved with the cause.

Wear Pink

In October, pink is synonymous with breast cancer awareness. Even wearing the color is likely to make someone think about the disease or encourage a survivor to keep pressing forward. In October, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s a life statement.

If you’re posting something pink: a car, a shirt, a jumpsuit, or a bike, tag it with hashtags for the most visibility on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to show your support. While there are many hashtags, here are a few popular tags that you can use:

  • #breastcancerawareness
  • #october
  • #pinktober
  • #bca
  • #cancerawareness

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Take Action on Your Health

While you can donate and wear pink, you can also take care of your own health to support breast cancer awareness. Proper exercise and diet aren’t proven to reduce risk of breast cancer, but they’re highly correlated with avoiding the disease. Taking care of your health sets an example for those who can be at risk for the disease.

We’ve put together two articles to help you, a friend, or a loved one start a new health & fitness lifestyle.

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