Fun Couple's Workout: 7 Exercises to Try This Valentine's Day

Couple workouts are a fun way to spice up your gym routine, spend time together, and keep each other accountable to fitness goals.

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Fun Couple's Workout: 7 Exercises to Try This Valentine's Day

Published on 2/10/2020, Updated on 2/10/2022

Are you having a tough time trying to decide on what to do or get your partner this Valentine’s Day? How about a couple’s workout from Sunny?

Not only is a partner workout a great way to help spice things up and spend more time together. It’s also a great way to hold each other accountable. Even if you’re not in a relationship, pair up with a friend or family member to burn some calories and have some fun!


Fun Couple’s Workout

This fun couple’s workout includes 7 great partner exercises that will challenge your full body. Better yet, you can complete 3-5 rounds in 15-20 minutes!


How to Complete a Couple’s Circuit Workout

Complete the 7 following partner exercises as a circuit, completing one after the other, and making sure each partner gets a turn to perform each exercise. Repeat the circuit 3-5 times for an awesome full body workout.


1. Kettlebell Pass

For this exercise, you may be standing back-to-back with your partner or sitting back-to-back with them. If standing, make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your knees are slightly bent.

This exercise can be done with either a kettlebell or a medicine ball. Start by holding a kettlebell (or med-ball) at chest level and rotating your torso. Make sure your core/obliques are engaging as you twist. Your partner will twist in the opposite direction to meet & retrieve the kettlebell at your side. Continue to do this for 30 seconds, then you and your partner can switch sides.


2. Side Plank Rotation

To complete a side plank rotation, both you and your partner will begin in a side plank, back-to-back with each other and a few inches apart. Make sure to keep the palm planted into the ground that’s closest to your partner. As you both rotate at the same time, extend your free arm to come to a clap with your partners. Complete as many reps as you can in 30 secs, then switch sides.


3. Alternating Partner Jump-Squats

To perform alternating jump squats, both you and your partner will start with your feet shoulder-width apart and in a squatting position. Make sure your back is straight, your chest is upright, and your hips and butt are sitting back, as your knees stay bent behind your toes.

Both partners will hold the bottom of a squat position. While holding your squat, have your partner jump up from their squat, and land back in their squat hold. Now, they’ll hold their squat as you jump up and return to your squat hold. Continue to alternate squat holding and jumping with your partner for 30 seconds, trying to get in as many jumps as possible.


4. Ab-Leg Throw Downs

Start by having either you or your partner lay down on their back as the other partner stands with their feet shoulder-width apart, near each ear. Have the person laying down grab onto the ankles of their standing partner.

The partner on the ground will kick up both feet and legs to the standing partner, as the standing partner, in turn, throws their legs down to the right side, left side, then middle. If you’re on the ground, don’t let your feet or legs touch or rest on the ground. Complete 30 seconds, then switch positions!


5. Sit-Up With Jab & Hook

To complete a sit-up with a jab & hook, have one partner lay on their back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. As the other partner stands on the tops of their feet to make sure they’re always staying planted. The standing partner will have their hands open, ready to receive punches.

The partner on the ground will perform a full sit-up. Once they are at the top/highest point of the sit-up, they will throw a jab punch to the opposite open hand of their partner, followed by a hook punch to the other opposite open hand. Complete as many reps as possible in 30 seconds, then switch with your partner.


6. Weighted Pushup

Weighted pushups are not for the faint of heart. If you’re a pushup ace, give these weighted pushups a try. To complete a weighted pushup, one partner sits on the other partner's back. Be careful to not place too much pressure on your partner's back and communicate about how much pressure your partner is comfortable with.

As you complete your pushup, keep your elbows in towards your sides, dipping your chest as close to the ground as possible.

If you’re not ready for weighted pushups, complete alternating pushups. To perform alternating pushups one of you will complete a pushup as the other holds a plank, then switch! Alternate for 30 seconds, completing as many reps as you can in 30 seconds.


7. Weighted Piggyback Squats

No weight at home? No problem! Hop on your partner's back for some weighted squats. The partner completing the squats should focus on having their chest up and sitting back into their squat with their hips as much as possible. The person on their back, encourage your partner! Weighted squats are not easy, and this is the perfect time to root for each other. Try to complete 30 seconds each.

If squatting is too difficult, just try a piggyback partner carry! Completing a piggyback partner carry is as easy as it sounds. Hop on your partner's back while your partner walks forward, keeping hips aligned and core stability as they walk. Complete 30 seconds, then switch!


Up the Ante with a Couple’s Challenge

Are you and your partner competitive and would like to make things a little bit more interesting? Well, now you can… Challenges are a great way to get fit while creating a healthy competitive environment.

See who can get the most reps, within those 30 seconds of each exercise. Or see who can complete the most pushups, sit-ups, or who can row, run, or cycle the furthest distance in a specific set amount of time.

If you want to take your challenge to the next level, create a series of mini challenges to determine who is the fittest overall between the two of you. Battle of the fittest!


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