31 Halloween Food Ideas to Keep Your Party Lean & Spooky

Healthy Halloween food ideas are tricky to come up with because popular recipes have you make tasty treats.

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31 Halloween Food Ideas to Keep Your Party Lean & Spooky

Halloween food ideas that are healthy are tricky to come up with because popular recipes have you make tasty treats. Halloween marks the beginning of the fall holiday season, which also means the typical weight gain is also just around the corner. Supermarkets, businesses, homes of friends and family & even your gym and doctor’s office will suddenly offer extremely enticing indulgences galore.

Well, it’s time to put your foot down! This year, your party is going to look a little different. It will be spooky, it will be fun, and it will be social, and the food will still be tasty, BUT it will be a little on the leaner side.


31 Halloween Food Ideas

Here are 31 very easy Halloween food ideas to keep your party from sending you and your guests into a food coma (while still looking the part):

  1. Haunted Cheese & Crackers. Use a hard cheese such as mozzarella, cheddar, or jack and cut out ghosts, pumpkins, bats, etc. with cookie cutters. Place them on healthy crackers (my favorite is the Mary’s Gone Crackers brand). Add scallions for pumpkin stems for some extra flair.


  1. Halloween Fruit Cups. Using a sharpie, draw spooky faces on clear plastic party cups. Fill with grapes or green melon to make Frankensteins, tangerines or cantaloupe to make pumpkins, and blackberries to make cats. You can even add 2 marshmallows or 2 grapes (or maybe 1 or 3—it is Halloween, after all!) in the center of the fruit to make the whites of the eyeballs.

  1. Halloween Pre-Packaged Snack Cups. Similar to above, but instead of making fresh fruit cups, use sealed fruit cups, Jell-O, pudding, applesauce, etc. You can even add foam wings to make bats.

  1. Spooky Face Popcorn. Fill small plastic bags with popcorn and tie them shut. Draw faces on the bags with a sharpie. Get creative!

spooky popcorn bag


  1. Bloody Gloves Popcorn. Apply red food dye onto surgical gloves to make them appear blood-stained. Then fill with popcorn or other healthy munchies and tie them shut. So eerie!

  1. Eyeball Caprese Bites. Using a soft block of mozzarella or burrata cheese, carve out circles with a melon baller. Then use the melon baller to take out the inside of cherry tomatoes and discard, leaving just the skin. Put one ball of cheese inside each tomato skin. Then use a hole punch to make circles (or even fun shapes) out of basil. Place the shape in the center of the cheese to make the pupil of the eye. Note: if you want to save some of the insides of the tomato, you can decorate the plate with the “guts” to make it extra creepy.


  1. Creepy Crudité Cups. Grab those clear plastic party cups again, and fill the bottom with hummus, guacamole, light ranch dip, salsa, or any other healthy dip you like. Cut raw veggies lengthwise into single portions and place them into the dip. Stick plastic eyeballs and/or witch fingers (make sure you wash them well!) in-between the veggies to make a healthy appetizer haunting.


  1. Crudité Witch Fingers. Fill the bottom of the cups and cut your veggies like above, but this time, place a dab of the dip on top of the veggies as well and attach an almond sliver as the fingernail to make the veggies into the fingers themselves. Tip: carrots work very well for this.


  1. Bloody Celery Witch Fingers. One more variation! Spread almond butter onto celery sticks and place one almond at the end of each stick as the fingernail. Drizzle the curved edge of the almond with red food dye or a little bit of strawberry jelly to make it bloody delicious.


  1. Spiders on a Log. Sticking with the celery and almond butter (or peanut butter or sun butter or whatever butter you prefer) theme, try this variation of ants on a log. Spread the nut butter onto the celery sticks and place raisins along the nut butter. Now, melt some milk or dark chocolate and use a toothpick dipped in chocolate to make 3 legs coming from each side of each raisin. Then melt white chocolate and dip a toothpick into it to make the spider eyes on top of the raisins. You will wow your guests with this eerie spin on a classic healthy snack.


  1. Cutie Pumpkins. Peel tangerines (your pumpkin) and place a small sliver of cucumber (your stem) at the top. Done!


  1. Cutie Pumpkins with Skin. Draw fun faces onto the skin of the tangerines instead of peeling them. This is fun for your younger audiences.


  1. Fig & Raisin Spiders. Fill skewer sticks (cut to the appropriate length) with raisins and attach 3 to each side (6 total) of each fig. Easy, healthy & adorably hair-raising.


  1. Banana Ghosts. Peel & cut bananas in half. Place the flat side down on a plate. Stick 3 dollops of peanut butter or jelly onto the banana to make eyes and a mouth. Cover each drop with a chocolate chip (can use a bigger one for the mouth) or raisin. How ghoulish!

banana ghosts


  1. Hard Boiled Egg Ghosts. Once you’ve boiled, cooled and peeled your eggs, slice the bottom off the egg so it will stand upright. Using a straw, poke holes all the way through the white to the yolk section to make eyes and a mouth. Then, slice 2 small pieces of carrot (smaller than the eye holes) and pop then into the eye holes. You could also use bell peppers instead of carrots to make different eye colors.


  1. Deviled Egg Spiders. Prepare deviled eggs as usual and then grab some olives. Cut the olives in half and use one half for the spider body. Place it in the center of the yolk mixture. Thinly slice the other half lengthwise into 8 pieces. Put four slices on each side of the “body” to make the legs.


  1. Candy Corn Fruit Treat. Back to the clear plastic party cups! This time, place a layer of pineapple at the bottom, tangerines or cantaloupe in the center and whipped cream on top. Way tastier than the actual candy in my opinion.


  1. Cracker Sandwich Spiders. Spread peanut butter (or a savory healthy dip, such as hummus, for a different flavor if you prefer) on one cracker. Place 3-4 whole grain pretzel sticks on each side of the cracker to make legs. Put a second cracker on top. Place 2 dollops of your spread on top of the cracker, and then stick googly eyes (the edible kind), raisins, cranberries, seeds, nuts, tiny pieces of vegetables or whatever else you’d like to the spread to make spider eyes.


  1. Silly Apple Monsters. Cut apples into quarters. Cut the center out of the quarter to make a mouth. Coat the inside of the cut-out center with nut butter of your choice. Place 4-5 sunflower seeds on the top of the cut out to make teeth. Then put a sliced strawberry under the seeds to make a tongue. Using the nut butter, stick eyes (just like the above recipe, use whatever you prefer for eyes) above the mouth.

apple monsters


  1. Goblin Grins. Open snap peas (but don’t break them in half) and use cream cheese to stick almond slices inside the top part of the opening to make teeth. Cut bell peppers into tongue shapes and stick them under the teeth. Note: you can also use a sharp paring knife to slice a thin strip near the bottom of each snap pea (cut only through one layer) instead of opening it up.


  1. Babybel Cheese Monsters. Unwrap the cheese and pull off the central tab strips without removing the rest of the wax. Gently pull the wax apart a little to create wider open “mouths” for your monsters. Push googly eyes into the wax. If you want a firmer stick, use a little bit of glue, but they should stay put without it. For some added variety, make some with just one eye, some with three eyes, and cut or tear the wax into different shapes to make silly and scary facial expressions.


  1. Spine-Chilling Cheese Eyeballs. This time, unwrap the Babybel cheese completely and discard the wax wrapper. Cut out a small circle in the center of the cheese. Slice green olives or jalapeños and place them in the cheese hole. Then cut a tiny piece of black olive and place it in the center of the slice (aka the “iris”) to form the “pupil” of the eye. Dip a toothpick into red food dye or jelly and paint squiggly lines coming from the center to the edge of the cheese to make the eyes look bloodshot.


  1. Savory & Salty Brooms. Cut string cheese into thirds. Then peel the piece of cheese to make thick strings to mimic the look of broom bristles. Attach it to a long pretzel stick. Tada!


  1. Veggie & Cheese Brooms. For another variation, use a thin piece of celery (cut lengthwise) as the broom stick. Add a ring of orange mini bell pepper or black olive around the cheese for some additional Halloween color.


  1. Frankenstein Kiwis. Peel a kiwi but leave the top of the kiwi peel on and make it a little jagged to look like hair. Attach small pieces of pretzel sticks to each side of the “head” and then use one piece for the mouth (stick it on with nut butter, melted chocolate or jelly). Stick on mini chocolate chips or tiny pieces of dried fruit for the eyeballs. These will be a hit!


  1. Mummy Pizza. Spread pizza sauce on whole grain English muffins (halved) and top with thin strips of string cheese. Toast them up, and then place 2 slices of olives in the center for eyeballs. Now that is frightfully delicious!
mummy pizza
  1. Black & Orange Skewers. Add some nutritious Halloween colors to your snack table by making fruit kabobs with blackberries and cantaloupe.


  1. Halloween Trail Mix. Another simple way to add some wholesome color to your table is with some themed trail mix. Combine cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds or pepitas, raisins, currants or dried blueberries and dried papaya. Add a little extra sweet taste to it by mixing in some dark chocolate chunks.


  1. Frankenstein Avocado Toast. What party is complete without the biggest trend making an appearance?!? Toast whole grain bread and spread avocado on it until smooth. Use half a sheet of dried seaweed and cut or tear triangles on one side and keep the other side straight. Stick it to the top of the toast (triangles down) to make hair. Use 2 olive slices to make eyes. Cut small lines out of the other half of the seaweed to make a mouth (one horizontal piece layered with a few vertical pieces on top like stitching on a football).


  1. Pumpkin toast. This time, top your toast with a heaping spoonful of pumpkin butter. Use the back of the spoon to shape it into a pumpkin. Use your bits of goodies (mini chocolate chips, raisins, etc.) to make a jack-o-lantern face. This turns out super adorably, and it’s a nice way to enjoy a nutritious sweet treat.


  1. Mummy Drinks. Wrap gauze or paper towels around some healthy bottled and canned beverages (mini water bottles, unsweetened fruit juice, bubbly water, etc.) and glue on pairs of googly eyes.


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