Home Gym Comparisons: What $200 Can Buy

This package is fit for every cyclist.

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Home Gym Comparisons: What $200 Can Buy

Cycle Fit Duo

cycle bike kettlebell and potted plant in room

This package is fit for every cyclist. The SF-B1203 is the perfect cycle bike to help those who are just starting an exercise-bike routine, or for the avid cyclist who wants a reliable indoor exercise bike to meet their performance goals. Pair this cycle bike with the 15-pound kettlebell to give your body an endless variety of strength and muscular endurance training exercises. With this combo of cardio and resistance training equipment you will always be looking forward to the next workout—like our Lower Body Blaster.


Full Body Focus

stepper, case with dumbbells, ab roller wheel, bench on a mat in room

If you want variety and versatility, check out this exercise set. Start with the twist and stepper with bands to add a unique lower body cardio training workout with the added muscle toning resistance bands to create a full body exercise routine in minutes. Move on to the multifunctioning 2 in 1 Flat/Sit-up bench to target muscles in your core while performing all your favorite resistance training exercises with the neoprene dumbbell set, which is perfect for performing our Dumbbell Full-Body Tris-Set workout. The exercise wheel will test the limits of your core strength, while the equipment floor mat keeps your floor save from dings and scratches.


Row Strong

rowing machine, yoga mat, and silver gym ball in room

This last set is an equipment trifecta that’s made just for the rowing enthusiast. Row strong and build functional core strength and flexibility when you use the Full Motion Hydraulic Rowing Machine to simulate a true rowing experience as you burn calories using the smooth hydraulic resistance system. Grab the versatile anti-burst gym ball to perform multiple stability training exercises for the core, along with the upper and lower body musculature. Keep your workout space comfortable as you stretch and move on the comfortable yoga mat.


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