Fitness Gifts Under $20

Fitness Gifts Under $20

So, you need to get a gift for a fitness enthusiast—or, at least someone who has shown some interest in fitness—but you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we’ve rounded up 5 fitness accessories that you can buy for under $20 this holiday season.

If you’re Interested in larger fitness-related gifts, check out this holiday gift guide for fitness lovers.

You know what’s better than cycling? Watching videos while cycling. If you know someone who’s an avid indoor cyclist, pick up a universal device holder. This universal clamp, which can hold one phone or tablet, wraps around the cycle bike handlebars. You can watch video at nearly any viewing angle by adjusting the 360-degree pivoting mechanism.

If your gift recipient can’t sit still, then they’ll love this exercise ball. This accessory, which is available in three different colors, can be used to bolster yoga, Pilates, and stretching exercises.. Looking for more reasons to buy it? We’ve developed complete set of exercises that you can perform on this aerobic ball at home or in the office.

Surprise your secret Santa recipient with handy barbell lock collars. Made to fit 2-inch barbells, these collars are designed with a fast catch and release system, which makes it easy to secure and swap lifting plates. This accessory can be used by both amateur and experience lifters.

If you know someone that lifts, grace them with the gift of security. This pair of Sunny Health and Fitness lifting straps are designed with neoprene padding for extra comfort and support. When wrapped around the lifting bar and wrist, these straps can support up to 2000 pounds.

This workout accessory is a bit more than a foot in the door. This chin-up bar can be installed in virtually any door way within seconds. With a weight capacity of 220lbs, you can use this tool to condition muscles in your upper body by performing pull-ups and chin-ups.

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