How to Assemble: SF-E905 Magnetic Elliptical Bike



This video will show you how to assemble your Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Bike SF-E905. You will find the necessary tools, hardware package, and user manual included in your package.


0:00​ | Intro
0:10​ | Step 1
Attach the front stabilizer and rear stabilizer onto the main frame; Secure them with 4 carriage bolts, 4 arch washers, and 4 domed nuts
1:24​ | Step 2A
Remove the preassembled 4 allen bolts and 4 arch washers from the main section
2:07​ | Step 2B
Connect the lower sensor wire to the upper sensor wire; Connect tension hook with the tension cable
2:44​ | Step 2C
Insert the handlebar post into the main frame; Secure it in place with 4 allen bolts and 4 arc washers
4:03​ | Step 3
Attach the 2 swing bars to the long axle of the handlebar post with 2 hex bolts and 2 flat washers with 2 spanners
4:28​ | Step 4A
Secure the 2 pedals to the 2 pedal support tubes respectively using 4 hex bolts, 4 flat washers and 4 nylon nuts
5:25​ | Step 4B
Fasten the 2 swing bars and the 2 pedal support tubes tightly with 2 hex bolts, 2 flat washers and 2 nylon nuts
6:22​ | Step 4C
Fasten 2 hex bolts and 2 nylon nuts tightly then cover with the 12 nut caps
8:12​ | Step 5A
Remove the preassembled 2 spring washers and 2 hex bolts from the handlebar post
8:34​ | Step 5B
Attach the armrest to the handlebar post in place. Secure it with 2 spring washers and 2 hex bolts that were just removed using wrench, and then pull the pulse sensor wire out of the handlebar post
9:17​ | Step 5C
Attach the decorative cover onto the armrest
9:27​ | Step 5D
Attach the 2 handlebars on the 2 swing bars with 4 carriage bolts, 4 arc washers and 4 domed nuts using spanner
10:48​ | Step 5E
Connect the 2 pulse sensor wires and upper sensor wire to the meter respectively. Align the slot of the handlebar post to the bulge inside the meter, then slide it onto the handlebar post slowly


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