5 Stretches Using Aerobic Ball

5 Stretches Using Aerobic Ball

You’ve seen those big bouncy balls at the gym and in stores, but how exactly can you use them? Aerobic balls (also called stability balls, gym balls, balance balls or swiss balls) are more than just fun. When used correctly, they help develop balance, strengthen muscles and improve endurance. We came up with some great stretches you can do on a fitness ball after a workout.

Here are some helpful stretches you can easily do on the Sunny Health and Fitness Anti-Burst Gym Ball – 55cm.

woman laying on gym ball facing up

Part of the body being stretched: Abdominal Muscles

Get ready to feel your core feel an amazing stretch!

What you should feel:

By placing the ball in curve of your lower back and keeping your legs planted firmly on the ground, your back, core and chest will feel an amazing pull. Lean back and breathe. You should feel relief and a nice stretch.

Time: 20-30 seconds

woman stretching one leg while leaning forward

Part of the body being stretched: Adductors (inner thigh)

Before you hop on your indoor cycling bike or treadmill, it’s important to stretch your inner leg muscles.

What you should feel:

You should feel your inner thighs pulling. If you are tight, it might be a little painful. Don’t over-exert yourself but give a little room to feel the stretch with mild discomfort.

Time: Do this stretch on each leg for about 15-30 seconds.

woman kneeling forward with arms stretching on gym ball

Part of the body being stretched: Chest & Lats

What you should feel:

When the ball is placed under your elbow, you should feel a stretch right under your arm pit. Slowly move your hips back and down towards your heels while dropping your chest towards the ground to increase the intensity of the stretch.

Time: 20-30 seconds each arm

woman standing while holding one left behind her with her knee on gym ball

Part of the body being stretched: Quadriceps and Hip Flexors

Stretch out your quads and utilize the fitness ball to help maintain balance.

What you should feel:

You should feel the frontal part of your thigh being stretched.

Time: 15-30 seconds each leg

woman laying on back with legs back and feet touching gym ball

Part of the body being stretched: Lower Back and Glutes

What you should feel:

This is a beginner’s stretch. It is great for beginning your day to give your body some time to wake up! This will help you stretch posterior glute muscles and low back muscles.

Time: 30-45 seconds

** Our information is verified by Fitness Expert, Matt Davidson, B.S. Kinesiology, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, CES, FNS.

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