Asuna: What Is It?

Asuna: What Is It?

ASUNA is a premier line of commercial fitness equipment produced by Sunny Health Distributor. The ASUNA line is currently comprised of indoor cycling bikes, manual and electric treadmills, and rowers. ASUNA prides itself in superior quality, performance, and design.

The ASUNA line has a premier line of indoor cycling bikes that all come with 4-way customizable seats and handlebars that promote a perfect fit for any cycling enthusiast. The cycling bikes are also designed with magnetic resistance creating an incredibly smooth and silent ride on each bike. The magnets move closer or further away from the wheel to create a challenging amount of tension thus giving you a versatile ride.

The ASUNA line has also released 2 different treadmills that promote power, stability, and ample room for more than running.

ASUNA fitness equipment is built to last! The highest-quality materials and virtually no-maintenance design on the product keeps you from having to do traditional upkeep on products. For example, on chain drive bikes, you may need to lubricate the chain or change the resistance felt pad every year or so based on how often you use your machine.

If you have been using a Sunny Health and Fitness product and are looking to advance into your fitness journey, then ASUNA is going to put you in the right direction. Become Better. Never Settle. ASUNA.


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