Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

In the midst of the holiday season, it can be hard to find a gift for a love one.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

In the midst of the holiday season, it can be hard to find a gift for a love one. It’s almost too easy to get lost in the flood of options. But hopefully, you know your loved one. Hint: If they’re into fitness, then some workout equipment is bound to bring them a smile.

This week we’re looking at 7 Sunny Health and Fitness products that will make great gifts for your fellow fitness lover. These items range from a humble yoga mat to a capable rower. In short, there’s something for everybody on this list.

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If you’re looking for something for the minimalist in your life, consider getting them a Sunny Health & Fitness yoga mat. These sizable and vibrant mats, which come in blue and purple, are made with sweat resistant material. The textured surfaces ensure maximum stability and grip, which is perfect for bodyweight exercises and yoga poses.



Do you know someone that wants to build their upper body without the bulky equipment? Check out the Sunny Health & Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar, which can amplify your loved one’s workout routine. Compatible with nearly any home doorway, use this bar to condition muscles in your upper body when performing pull-ups and chin-ups. The adjustable doorway bar can support up to 220lbs.



Want something portable and easy to use for your loved one? This mini stepper might be just what you need. You can achieve a full body workout on one compact machine. The stepping motion conditions muscles in your calves, and thighs, and glutes. Use the resistance bands to perform arm curls and upright rows while you step for added benefit to your upper body. The maximum user weight is 220lbs.



There’s a lot that you can tell about a people based on their stride. If you know someone that likes to stride, surprise them with a compact elliptical. This magnetic trainer is equipped with an LCD, plenty of resistance, and a pulse monitor. Step on the oversized foot pedals as you challenge your current home fitness routine. This elliptical trainer supports up to 220lbs.



We’ve got a perfect gift for someone that likes physical challenges. Check out our most popular magnetic rower that sports 8 levels of adjustable resistance. You can use this rowing machine to target muscles in your lower and upper body. Use this machine to deliver powerful strokes with the anti-slip handle bars. Concerned about space? This rower has a steel slide rail that folds upright, which makes it easy to store in tight spaces. And we can never forget the smooth belt-drive mechanism that engages the flywheel. The maximum user weight is 250lbs.



Check out this versatile bike that can be used to target muscles in your upper and lower body. It has a reliable and quiet magnetic system, with 8 Level micro tension knob that allows for a moderate or intense resistance. The pedals can also be used as handles when placed on a desk. It has a maximum user weight of 220 Lbs.



Do you know lifters that want to show off their full strength? Take a look at these Sunny Health and Fitness lifting straps with neoprene padding. The straps, which are made of a durable polyester/cotton fabric blend, can support up to 2000 pounds. With these straps, you’ll never worry about losing grip while lifting heavy loads.


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